Top Google Maps Alternative Updated with EV Charging Stations on CarPlay

While Google Maps is the world’s leading navigation app, it doesn’t necessarily mean that everybody must be using it, especially because at this point, it’s still lacking certain functionality which for many people out there is a must-have.
HERE WeGo on CarPlay 6 photos
HERE WeGo on CarPlayHERE WeGo on CarPlayHERE WeGo on CarPlayHERE WeGo on CarPlayHERE WeGo on CarPlay
One such example is a truck mode, as drivers of larger vehicles can’t really use Google Maps for navigation simply because the provided routes are only appropriate for regular passenger cars.

This is why the rest of the navigation apps out there come in so handy. And without a doubt, HERE makes some of the best alternatives to Google Maps, including as far as CarPlay users are concerned.

HERE WeGo Maps & Navigation, for example, is one of the most popular choices for drivers who want a powerful replacement on CarPlay, and a quick look at the feature lineup proves exactly why.

But the even better news is HERE is continuously improving this app, and the most recent update to version 4.2.100 brings a feature that many users have been drooling over for a long time.

It’s EV station information, as such details are now displayed right on the map, along with plug type, charging modes, and current availability.

In other words, if you use HERE WeGo in an electric vehicle and you need to discover a charging station along your route, the application now lets you see such locations on the map and also makes it more convenient to find one compatible with your car.

Furthermore, the available information is critical especially if you’re in a hurry, and HERE guarantees it is accurate and you can fully rely on its app.

In the meantime, Google Maps is also evolving substantially, though the most advanced functionality for EVs remains exclusive to Android Automotive. For example, the app has recently been updated with battery thermal management support, so it can help the battery reach the appropriate temperature in advance as the vehicle approaches a charging station.


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