Top Gear’s James May and Richard Hammond Allegedly Declined to Renew Their BBC Contracts

This just in from The Telegraph: Richard Hammond and James May are no longer under contract with the British Broadcasting Corporation. Last night at precisely midnight, their contracts expired, and the TV presenters allegedly refused to renew them today.
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Since the Jeremy Clarkson fracas incident occurred, the British tabloid media asked Captain Slow and the Hamster time and time again if they’ll present the Top Gear show if Jezza leaves. As expected, neither of them didn’t offer a straight yes or a no to reporters. Thing is, their choice of words signaled that this is an “all for one and one for all” kind of situation.

Considering their latest Twitter activity, both Richard Hammond and James May are accommodating to a professional life that seemed unimaginable until only recently: unemployed freelancers. Reporters asked May this morning what will he do after Top Gear and guess what the man replied? “I’m going to cook a shepherd’s pie and make a film for YouTube,” LOL!

The Telegraph reports that James also declared: “One day the three of us may do something – but it may just involve a pub and a restaurant rather than a TV programme.”
Top Binge Drinking? Top Chef? Oh, imagine the possibilities. Then again, word is that the two remaining thirds of Top Gear “could sign a contract at any time in the coming months.”

I don’t know, but I got this gut feeling Hammond and May won’t do Top Gear ever again without Clarkson. Maybe Richard and James will eventually get back on the Beeb, but presenting Top Gear isn't doable.

In other Top Gear-related news, Andy Wilman’s email wasn’t a resignation letter while Jeremy Clarkson responds to criticism over his suspension from the BBC. Oh, nearly forgot - Top Gear Live could be renamed to MPH Live (or Clarkson, May and Hammond Live) in time for the show’s upcoming Australian dates.

UPDATE: Top Gear Live is dead, long live Clarkson, Hammond and May Live.

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