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Top Gear Track Experience Goes Out of Business, Customer Reservations Canceled

After Chris Evans found it hard to helm Top Gear after Jeremy Clarkson and his amigos left for greener pastures, yet another asset of the Top Gear empire took a hit. This time around, it is Top Gear Track Experience, which cancelled all existing reservations.
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Top Gear Track ExperienceTop Gear Track ExperienceTop Gear Track ExperienceTop Gear Track ExperienceTop Gear Track ExperienceTop Gear Track ExperienceTop Gear Track ExperienceTop Gear Track ExperienceTop Gear Track ExperienceTop Gear Track Experience
For those unfamiliar with Top Gear Track Experience, this company offers track days at the Dunsfold Park circuit. Other than being a crucial part of the Top Gear car show and a place where driving schools instruct 17-year-olds into the art of driving, the Surrey-based circuit is the place where Top Gear Track Experience Ltd. (or TGXP) used to operate its business.

As you can see from the featured screenshot, TGXP “has ceased to trade with immediate effect due to its financial position.” Hence, the track days scheduled for 26, 27, and 28 of October, as well as future dates have been canceled. The big problem with this untimely demise, however, is that a handful of people with existing reservations found it hard to claim refunds.

In a Reddit post titled As if the Top Gear brand weren't tarnished enough already...,” a user going by the handle of “Mazdaspeed3” tells the following:

“Since I fall into the latter category of folks who booked directly with TGXP, I have disputed the transaction with my (American) credit card company. I have no idea how likely it is I'll get my money back." Not a pretty situation, I'd say.

As a company that bought the license from the BBC to use the Top Gear brand, TGXP sure messed up with its insolvency. Incorporated in the United Kingdom on 24 October 2013, TGXP assured reservation holders that refunds are in the offing from third party websites or credit/debit card companies.

The problem, however, is what the Reddit user mentioned above will do to get his money back. After all, he was charged approximately $250 for the opportunity to drive on the Surrey-based track, probably alongside The Stig. But if I'm not mistaken, a simple call to the credit/debit card company and a chargeback will set things straight, at least as far as money is concerned.

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