Top Gear's James May Auctions his Yama FS-1E

James May is looking forward to seeing his 1974 Yamaha FS1-E "Fizzie" going under the hammer in an auction organized by Bonhams. Back in the day, the Fizzie earned a cult status, as this moped used to be the fastest 49cc two-wheeler riders as young as 16 could legally throw a leg over.
Yamaha FS1-E belonging to James May 7 photos
Yamaha FS1-E sold by James MayYamaha FS1-E sold by James MayYamaha FS1-E sold by James MayYamaha FS1-E sold by James MayYamaha FS1-E sold by James MayYamaha FS1-E sold by James May
The E suffix appeared into the game as Yamaha had to add pedals to the FS1 in order to make it compliant with the English road regulations. The engine produces 4.8 hp and comes with a 4-speed transmission. Some riders claim that they could do 60 mph (96 km/h), but it looks like most people agree that the Fizzie can do about 45 mph (72 km/h), in stock trim.
If May got it from Hammond, how about Clarkson buying it?
James May purchased the Fizzie from his former Top Gear colleague Richard Hammond back in 2011, with the bike being fully restored to its current state around 2007. May only put 50 miles (80 km) or so in the saddle of this FS1 so the restoration work is as good as new.

An increasingly collectible piece of machinery, May's Yamaha FS1-E is almost stock, with the different turn signal bodies being the only non-original parts on it. The originals are, however, included in the sale.

The bike will be up for grabs at the Bonhams Spring Stafford Sale on the 26th of April 2015 and is expected to bring £2,000 - £2,400 (€2,730-3,275 or $2,915-3,550). Not sure whether Jeremy Clarkson is into buying collectible motorcycles now, but if he is in such a mood, winning the bid would be funny as hell, closing a circle and in a way showing that nothing is lost, everything is transformed.


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