Top Gear Checks Out the World's Fastest Corvette C8, Prepare to Have Your Mind Blown

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We’ve literally seen countless Corvettes hit the drag strip over the years, including the latest generation mid-engine C8, but the one that you’re about to see in action here is different kinds of crazy.
Top Gear took a trip to Reynolds, GA, to check out this monster first-hand, and according to their input, it is the world’s fastest C8. At first glance, you may not be able to tell it apart from the stock examples, until you spot those meaty rear tires. Then you will probably see that it features a roll cage too, and a pair of bucket seats.

Nonetheless, the magic happens under the hood, where it rocks two turbochargers. A nitrous oxide system is on deck too, alongside many other upgrades, and new parts, including an aftermarket computer that controls everything, improving the gear shifts and making sure that the car runs as fast as possible in a straight-line sprint.

As for the output, it is said to have over 1,350 horsepower on tap. It can deal with the quarter-mile in sub-9 seconds and was clocked at 8.97 seconds last October, with a 160.92 mph (259 kph) exit speed. Still, it does need its experienced owner behind the wheel in order to pull extremely fast runs, and that computer to do its thing, as it is the new brain of this insane build.

Eager to see what it can do, Top Gear got to experience the sheer force of this ‘Vette at the Silver Dollar Motorsports Park. On the first attempt, the car entered limp mode, and subsequent to more fine-tuning, it was ready for its second go, where it chewed through one of its rear tires. Third time’s a charm, and on this occasion, it almost made the man riding shotgun sick. But we’d better let you watch the vid, and see what this C8 is capable of, so without further ado, you know the drill.

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