Top Gear Abandon Cars and Leave Argentina Because of “Falklands” Number Plates

Clarkson's Porsche ended up pretty ravished 1 photo
The cast and crew of Top Gear had to abandon their cars at the roadside and flee Argentina the other day, after reports claim they were pelted with stones by an angry crowd. It would seem the scandal started occured when locals saw that the Porsche Jeremy Clarkson was driving had a registration number that read H982 FKL, which could refer to the Falklands conflict of 1982.
Among the cars the team has abandoned was also Clarkson’s Porsche, who claims the whole thing is a misunderstanding. The BBC also denied there was any intended reference, claiming the car was bought by a member of the production team and was entirely coincidental.

Besides the fact the car itself was ravished, local reports say Jeremy's Porsche 928 GT even had its number plates stolen shortly after the attack. Later on, a group of war veterans protested outside their hotel and one local politician said they were escorted to the airport.

There is also footage taken at the scene that, according to Car Throttle, was made by one of the witnesses. Before you take a look at the video below, let us remind you a couple of things.

Maybe the incident would’ve remained a small thing if it weren't for the string of controversies that lately hit the show. We’ll remind you that the most recent Jeremy Clarkson scandal started ever since the director of BBC TV Danny Cohen outlined his disagreement with the way Top Gear host used politically incorrect gaffes, at a press conference in Edinburgh, in August.

Cohen was referring to Clarkson’s use of the racially-offensive word “slope” in Burma Top Gear special and his apparent mumbling of the N-word in a unbroadcast sequence. The famous British TV host was even given a “final warning” by BBC bosses for his behaviour. This is why the scandal in Argentina could turn out to be quite a big deal for the celebrity.

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