Top Android Auto Wireless Adapter Finally Available for More Users

Android Auto wireless adapters are rapidly gaining traction, and Motorola is one of the companies spearheading the expansion of this relatively new product category.
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MA1 and AAWireless are currently the top choices in the Android Auto wireless dongle market, and the first is even backed by Google itself.

Announced at the search giant's I/O event last year, Motorola MA1 has always been in hot demand. The existing inventory typically comes and goes very fast, with buyers in the United States rarely finding the device in stock.

There's a good reason why I specifically mentioned buyers in the United States. This is the only market where Motorola sold the adapter, mostly on Amazon.

Now the company has decided to make the MA1 available for more buyers, as the Android Auto dongle will also go on sale in Europe and the United Kingdom.

The Amazon listings have already gone live in Germany and the United Kingdom. Customers in other large European markets, including France, Spain, and Italy, will probably also start seeing the product page on Amazon sooner rather than later.

For now, however, Motorola is only advertising the product without shipping it. In Europe, the dongle will cost 89.99 Euros, while in the United States, it can be had for $89.90.

Like AAWireless, Motorola MA1 converts a wired version of Android Auto into wireless. The dongle connects to the USB port of your vehicle and then pairs with the smartphone via Bluetooth. Given its small form factor, the adapter can stay connected to the car at all times, so Android Auto loads automatically without wires whenever you start the engine.

The main benefit of Android Auto wireless is the extra convenience, as it allows users to run the app without relying on cords. Cables have long been a major annoyance for Android Auto users, as they ended up causing connectivity problems for absolutely no reason. Cables shipping in the box with Android phones are typically the best choice for a reliable Android Auto but sometimes malfunction as well, leading to various reliability problems.

On the other hand, worth knowing is that Android Auto dongles sometimes suffer from a noticeable loading delay. In other words, don't expect the Android Auto experience to fire up immediately after turning on the engine, as the process could take anywhere from 2 seconds to 20 seconds. The wireless connection could also have a bigger impact on the battery, so plugging in the phone for charging is highly recommended.

Motorola is yet to officially announce the expansion of its MA1 adapter to Europe, but based on the existing reports, chances are we're not far from the moment buyers here will be able to order the device from Amazon.
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