Top 5 Funniest Car Commercials of 2014

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Because all the autoevolution editors are busy getting the snow off their cars right now, I had to ask my cat for its very relevant opinion on the touchy subject of car commercials. I know that not everybody agrees with the opinions in this story, so just send an email to my cat and he'll read it when his opposable thumbs start to develop.
Right, the more you spend on a commercial, the better it's likely going to be, even though the product it promotes is rather boring. Volkswagen is the perfect example of this. A few years back, the Little Vader ad was loved by just about every person in the world… who never bought a Passat. In 2014, they did pretty much the same thing for the Super Bowl.

In 2014, VW comes in at Number 5 with the phrase "Every time a Volkswagen reaches 100,000 miles, a German engineer gets his wings." My cat loves it because it has angel wings that reminds him of the pigeons he likes to chase. As for myself, the suggestion that rainbows come out the butt clinched it.

At number 4 is a commercial everybody seems to have forgotten about, Honda's little Bruce Willis stunt. Apparently, hugs are not as cool as explosions and rockets. But mister Willis is right – hugs and the safety of everyone you love is more important than something as trivial as a Lamborghini. Shame on you, capitalism!

From Mr Bean to Benny Hill, the Brits have made some of the best humor in the world. Did you know Doctor House is from Oxford? Yeah, he's British too. In 2014, we learned that the Isles also have the best Hollywood villains in Jaguar's "It's Good to Be Bad" marketing campaign. It's not that funny, but everybody loves the F-Type Coupe, us included, so 12 million Youtube views were achieved by the first commercials, with more following shortly after that.

At #2, we have a commercial that's not funny in itself. Lincoln's ad for a premium SUV featuring the sexy acting of Matthew McConaughey sparked an online joke-making frenzy. From South Park to The Ellen Show, everybody made fun of it, but my favorite is Jim Carrey. This comedic genius had the bright idea of rolling his buggers on film. Yeah, he nailed it!

You know what they say, there can only be one number one, though my cat doesn't understand numbers… or winning. But he's pretty flexible, just like Jean-Claude Van Damme. Volvo Trucks hit the internet equivalent of gold. With over 77 million views on Youtube, this is like the Gangnam Style, only without the stupid music. I tried explaining that this video was uploaded at the end of 2013, but my cat just didn't seem to understand the concept of a year.

So here's your Top 5. Hope you've had a good year and we'll see you guys soon.

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