Too Bad This Kawasaki W800 Limited Edition Is Only Available in Japan

The Black Edition Kawasaki W800 we showed you in late February was of course cool and elegant, but there is still some more awesomeness left in the house of Akashi for this neo-retro model. Too bad that it appears like the 2015 W800 Limited Edition is a treat for the Japanese market only, so the chances of actually seeing one rolling down the streets of Europe or North America are slim, to say the least.
2015 Kawasaki W800 Limited Edition is a neo-retro jewel 3 photos
2015 Kawasaki W800 Limited Edition2015 Kawasaki W800 Limited Edition
In fact, sources mention that only 300 such machines will be built and sold in their home market. This means that we may be looking at a true collectible bike we might see going under the hammer in the future, so riders outside Japan might still just stand a chance.

Gold rims are the traditional exquisite detail of limited editions

The 2015 Kawasaki W800 Limited Edition is identical to the rest of the W800s sold around the world on a technical side, but it’s its stunning, elegant and to some degree even flamboyant livery which is the major head-turner.

Kawasaki has retained the black-painted engine, with the fins in the upper section of the cylinders and the collector nuts polished to a bright finish stressing out the dark sobriety of the power plant. Unlike other special edition W800 models, this one swaps the matte black exhaust system with a chromed one, collectors, heat shields and peashooter exhausts alike.

The shine of the metal is complemented by the two-tone titanium / white livery and shiny mirrors, while the third color is a thin golden pinstripe which matches the special anodized rims. We saw Honda doing this in 1999 with the 50th anniversary XL600V Transalp, a rather cool move which suits a retro machine so much better than it suits an adventure bike.

A special badge adorns the side panels, while the tuck-and-roll seat is a luxurious treat. The classic ribbed black surface is complemented by contrasting white side panels oozing the same ostentatious elegance as the white painted fenders.

No price was mentioned in relation with the Limited Edition, but we can expect a little premium over what the base W800 model sells for. Again, that’s little comfort because we’re not getting it. Smirk, smirk!


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