Tom Cruise Is Willing to Pay NASA Millions to Shoot Two More Movies in Space

After repeated delays and shutdowns, production on the seventh installment in the Mission: Impossible franchise is currently underway in Venice, Italy. With a deadline in sight for this one, leading star Tom Cruise is already making plans for the upcoming films, the final two in the franchise.
Tom Cruise in Oblivion movie still 5 photos
Tom Cruise jumps off a cliff on a bike that's not a BMW, most likely a HondaTom Cruise jumps off a cliff on a bike that's not a BMW, most likely a HondaTom Cruise jumps off a cliff on a bike that's not a BMW, most likely a HondaTom Cruise jumps off a cliff on a bike that's not a BMW, most likely a Honda
You could say Tom Cruise has been one of the hardest-working actors in Hollywood throughout 2020, and you wouldn’t be wrong. Not only has he continued shooting for MI7 whenever restrictions lifted, but he also made the first steps toward becoming the first actor to shoot in space.

And that’s just the beginning.

Cruise is thinking he could shoot most of the final two Mission: Impossible films in space, too, according to an unnamed insider speaking to The Sun. Presumably, he’s done pretty much every stunt you can think of on Earth, so space would be the next logical frontier to break. He’s willing to dig deep into his own pockets to make it happen, too.

“Tom is well known for doing his own stunts and the Mission films have had some of the biggest and most elaborate movie moments ever shot,” says the tipster. “But he’s keen to push things further than anybody has ever done before – and, obviously, the big unknown is can you actually film in space. He’s pretty certain he can make something work and has spoken to NASA about it, too. They also think it’s feasible – so things are falling into place.”

The takeaway here is that Cruise is using his first deal with NASA, the one that will see him off to space on board the Axion Mission in October 2021, to pave the way for more similar flights. He would still be a space tourist but he would presumably be willing to pay for everything on his own, without relying on backing from a studio. "Millions," if that's what it takes, the report says.

That last part is unlikely: Cruise is one of the most bankable action stars right now, so he would probably get backing to shoot with real aliens if he wanted to. He is known as one of the few actors ever to have this kind of control over all aspects of his work.

Rumors aside, Cruise is officially flying to space for a still-untitled project. The Space X Crew Dragon Axiom Tourist Flight takes off in October 2021, with Commander Michael Lopez-Alegria at the controls, Cruise and director Doug Liman as tourists, and one more tourist spot open.

Editor's note: Photos in the gallery are of Tom Cruise BASE jumping with a Honda in Norway, during Mission: Impossible 7 production.


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