Today's Oddity: a Coach Bus Chassis Driving on the Freeway

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Photo: Screenshot from LiveLeak
There are a few things I've always dreamed of doing in this life, and driving a coach bus is definitely on the list. There's something about controlling such a big and long vehicle from that position so far ahead of the front axle that, for some reason, seems very appealing.
That's probably because it's so different from the experience you get at the wheel of a car, or maybe it's just something that sticks with you since you were a kid and rode in one of these things for the first time, I don't know. What I do know is that I'd love to do it.

I'm guessing the driver in this clip is less thrilled about it. Sure, he's sitting there in his pod, hanging over the freeway's tarmac as if he was driving the bus version of a KTM X-Bow, but he's probably done that a thousand times before. He's not particularly excited about the fact that he's at the wheel of a certain type of bus that requires him to wear a helmet - no, for him it's only a job that he does just as casually as you and I flick on our computers when we get to the office.

Or maybe he's sick of people filming him. He's just a man doing his job, so he could do without all this attention. He's perfectly aware that seeing a bus' bare chassis on the road isn't the most mundane thing, but he'd prefer it if we were less inclined to pop up our phones and drive erratically around him. After all, I doubt he's feeling too secure in case of a crash, and why should he? That thing looks like it could very well replace a ride in a theme park: with the notorious soft suspensions of a bus, rocking in an open chair while doing 60 mph is probably thrilling as hell.

If anything, this clip shows you just how frail these machines are. When stripped of the body, the bus suddenly becomes this hollow frame with just the engine at the back, the two axles, and the driver's unit at the front.

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