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Tobermory Shepherd’s Hut Is Most Rustic and Year-Round Livable Mobile Home
I recently ran across a team of mobile home manufacturers that left my nomad side yearning for more and more of their work. In the spirit of Travel Month, it’s time for you to see what some folks can do with, what seem to be, ancient building techniques and materials.

Tobermory Shepherd’s Hut Is Most Rustic and Year-Round Livable Mobile Home

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Gute is a little-known team of designers, master craftsmen, and builders out of Canada that have a knack for building prefab homes for their clients. One type of home they seem to have a love for building are shepherd’s huts.

What is a shepherd’s hut? Well, just have a look. No matter what company may be building the ones you run across, they almost all follow a specific construction. For the Tobermory, the hut you see here, the Gute team is using a powder coated steel frame and cast iron wheels. Those wheels and the fantastic amount of wood are the two features that drew me to this design.

Now, if you give Gute a call and let them know you want a Tobermory, the first question you’ll be asked is which package. This is a very important question as it will define the entire home in terms of what building materials are used, and in the long run, this question will also determine the life of your hut, not to mention your comfort level.

The first package you can opt for is the Essential package and offers exactly that, the essentials. Insulation in floor, walls, ceiling, laminate flooring, and a painted plywood interior are just some of the basics you’ll receive, not to mention a cedar one-piece door, two fixed windows, and one opening window.

The exterior is furnished with a galvanized metal roof and exterior cladding, pressure treated steps, handrail, and your choice of exterior, interior, and window finishing colors. But, for $23,275 Canadian ($18,144 U.S. at current exchange rates), the Essential package yields a “ready to move in” deal.

The second package is the Premium. For $28,975 Canadian ($22,588 U.S. at current exchange rates) you’ll now have a hardwood floor and solid wood board interior, cedar shake roof or galvanized steel, and premium insulation meant to offer you a year-round home. Cedar glass door, two opening, and two closing windows are also included in the build.

However, it’s the interior you’ll be spending most of your time in, so on to that. With a 16-foot (4.8-meter) length and width of 7.5 feet (2.28 meters), the interior of the Tobermory seems to only be suitable for two adults, possibly one very comfortable bachelor.

At the rear of the hut, the bedroom or main living space is found. By using a modular setup, the owner can achieve multiple layouts, depending on their needs. Plenty of overhead and underbed storage are sure to hold everything from socks and shoes, to clothing and anything else your lifestyle requires.

Speaking of needs, a kitchenette with fridge and large prep area is found inside the hut. More importantly, there’s a bathroom, a feature not found in all shepherd huts, but essential if you want to happily live off-grid. Gute then ties off the interior with an area across from the kitchen that can be used to even include an entertainment center.

Now, Gute is all about creating the home you want and need, so if there’s anything you’d like to include in your hut, just let them know. Teams like this usually do the utmost possible to offer their clients what they want and need, in the process, picking up some extra cash. Win win, if you ask me.

You know, these huts are a bit magical I think; they seem to grow on you. Or they just grow on people with a truly nomadic spirit as this is about as rustic you can get in the 21st century, next to just going out into the wild with a knife and some flint.

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