To What New BMW Do These Headlights Belong to?

BMW’s UK branch just published a teaser on Youtube claiming that they’ve got ‘an exciting announcement to make tomorrow’ that got us wondering: what could it be?
BMW teaser 1 photo
Photo: Screenshot from Youtube
The first thought that crossed my mind was that they would announce a new model for the UK market but then it hit me: the Brits already have access to all models in the BMW range. That’s unlike other countries, like the USA for example that doesn’t get the 1 Series Hatchback right now for unknown reasons.

Looking over the sale numbers it also makes sense considering that Europe is still the most important continent in this regard, accounting for nearly half of all the cars sold last year, beating even Asia in the process. In turn, the UK is the second largest market over there, overshadowed only by Germany, of course. No, it can’t be a car for the Island alone. What could it be then?

Ian Robertson promised 15 new models to come out this year. That gets up to over 1 new model per month and that’s an impressive display of force, BMW will have to start early.

From what we know, the Bavarians will be unveiling the 1 Series facelift, 3 Series facelift, M2, new 7 Series and new X5 plug-in hybrid just to name a few that are sure to come out in the following 12 months. To that you could add the new X1 but we’re not absolutely sure about that.

From these 6, one will be unveiled tomorrow. The 7 Series will surely be launched in September at Frankfurt and the M2 will probably also be on display over there for the first time so those two are unlikely. We’re left with the 1 Series, 3 Series and X5 plug-in hybrid and we’re willing to bet that it’s going to be either the 1 Series facelift or the X5.

Judging by the shape of those headlights, it might be the SUV but if you take a closer look at when the beam of light travels across the shape of the car, you’ll realize that the 1er might be a safer bet.

That means that the headlights on the new model have been redesigned as we’ve hope for. We can’t know for sure if we’re going to like what we’ll see but I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

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