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To Crash a Honda Hurricane on Mulholland Well

When one hears about Mulholland, two things come in mind: guys riding fast and guys crashing.
The funniest part of watching all those riders spilling off in the most awkward situations is taht most of them are on sport bikes and crash at relatively low speed. There is something magic with the Mulholland road and so many go down in Little Sycamore.

Some pilots claim that there's absolutely nothing technical with Little Sycamore and that portion of the road is just very dangerous. Now, it's hard to tell where does danger come from... it may be from the road itself, even though a ride in the Dolomites or in Romania on the Transfagarasan road would quickly change you believed you knew about cornering.

Or is danger coming from so many rides which crash there? There's much to learn, anyway, and this rider has maybe learned how not to corner there. The bike looks pretty messed up; maybe it's a new life for it, in the stunt world.


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