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TL3 Racing Simulator is Pure Delight For the Senses, But Hell for Your Wallet

Alright, it goes without saying the most petrolheads can appreciate a good race, be it from Formula 1, World Rally Championship or NASCAR. At the same time, petrolheads love racing cars in virtual reality, which takes us to the main subject of this article.
TL3 Racing Simulator 1 photo
Meet the TL3 Racing Simulator, probably one of the most advanced gaming gadgets one can find and buy. It took five years of intensive R&D work coupled with a collabo with a world champion Formula 1 team to create the TL3 racing simulator, which explains the hefty price tag: £34,995 or roughly around $55,000 at current exchange rates.

Now, before you start thinking about what track-worthy cars you can buy for this kind of money, allow us to tell you a thing or two about the simulator.

First, you won't play Need for Speed or Gran Turismo 6 on this piece of hardware. No, sir. This racing simulator uses a system of three perfectly-calibrated projectors to display a 5760x1080 image more than seven feet across so imagine driving your dream car with so much visual detail to spoil your eyes.

Two different Force Feedback Steering wheel solutions are available for the TL3: S Line motor or Professional motor. The latter generates 17 Nm of torque (12.5 lb-ft) and is used by all leading Formula 1 teams worldwide.

The pedals have built-in hydraulics, therefore, "braking from 180mph into a hairpin has never felt so real", according to Motion Simulation.

Also, as the cockpit rotates, there is no need to adjust the angle of the pedals for the various car types as the cockpit rotation takes account of this foot to pedal angle change.

You can check the video below for a demo presentation of the product.


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