TITAN Will Know Everything Happening on the Battlefield, Feed Trove of Data to Own Troops

According to some thinkers, no amount of hardware will do an army any good if not used in conjunction with the best possible intel. In some respects Information is, if you like, more powerful than a ballistic missile, and more damaging to the opponent than the missile’s blast.
Northrop Grumman TITAN JADC2 hardware 6 photos
LMXT Strategic TankerLMXT Strategic TankerLMXT Strategic TankerLMXT Strategic TankerLMXT Strategic Tanker
Presently engaged in an all out effort to modernize its hardware, the American military is also looking at ways to better integrate the info it acts on by bringing all available data in a single package. The idea is called Joint All-Domain Command and Control (JADC2), and we’ve already talked about how it’ll use and be used by Starlink satellites, the upcoming LMXT aerial tanker, disposable cargo drones, and fighter jets.

But to be able to use all the data coming from space, high altitude, aerial and terrestrial sensors, a hardware capable of handling it all is required. Defense contractor Northrop Grumman might be the one to deliver.

The company announced this week it showed the military's top brass, during Project Convergence 2022 exercise, a possible such solution. It’s called Tactical Intelligence Targeting Access Node, or TITAN for short.

We’re talking about an approach meant to integrate data from multiple assets (especially commercial and military satellites) into a single mobile system. Once integrated, the data can be fed to America’s troops to be used as needed, to “provide targetable data to commanders at all levels so they can quickly assess threats.”

Separately, it will also “connect the joint force by providing near real-time intelligence using artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques,” incorporating data from artillery, jammers and airborne weapons systems as well.

The contraption, seen in the main photo of this pic mounted on a military truck, is just a pre-prototype, one of two Northrop Grumman is developing for the Defense Innovation Unit and the Tactical Exploitation of National Capabilities (TENCAP) office. At the time of writing we have no info on when a fully operational TITAN will become available for the military to use.

Editor's note: Gallery shows the LMXT tanker, one of the airplanes to use JADC2.

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