Tips for Happier Family Trips

As if the stress from the office wasn't enough, most of the times, kids manage to ruin your vacation as well, making family road trips real nightmares. Family journeys should be happy events as they are the perfect occasion to spend some good time together  with your lovely family but reality proves that kids put an end to this idealistic scenario extremely often. Oh yes, children can become sometimes a real nuisance and that moment your only wish would be to stop the car and leave them right there. They get bored easily, start fighting with one another, always complain that they are starving, ask to go to the toilet every five minutes and you're on the verge of losing your mind. In case this sounds familiar, it's high time you improved your strategies for taking the stress out of Not your kids, fortunately. Think about entertainment
It's nothing new that children get very easily bored during car journeys. But the good news is that some crayons, books, toys, handheld games and activity sets can solve the problem right away. The key-word here is variety so, don't rush to give them those things all at once. A wise idea would be to keep the most interesting ones for later when your kids really run out of patience and things become rather desperate. This should keep them busy for a while. If you haven't yet reached the final destination and kids became kind of uncontrollable, a DVD player might be your greatest salvation.

Don't forget the comfort

Sleeping kids look like innocent angels and you'd give anything to picture the scene in your car. The truth is that those angels can turn into some little devils when awake. But how do you make them fall asleep during a part of a longer journey? Well, this is not an easy mission and any super mom can fail to accomplish it but there's no reason to panic.

You can only take a blanket and pillow for each kid to encourage them to sleep. Also don't overpack the inside of your car so your kids will have enough comfortable space in case they want to take a nap. But in order to succeed in this daring attempt, you'll first have to involve them in playing activities that are likely to exhaust them. This might make them sleep for a while.

Let your family know what to expect

Surprises may be fun but not when it comes to the length of the route. Kids generally behave better when they know what to expect so no need to try foolingl them. It's better to tell them how long the way is until you reach the holiday destination even if they forget it or don't appreciate correctly the distance.

A good tip would be to draw them a map and trace the route in order to give them a general picture where they are going. You can also think of some attractive rest stops so that they will be looking out for them during the journey.

Plan the route

It's highly important to avoid making unnecessary detours due to the fact that you don't know the exact way. If you get lost, the situation can become really stressful both because you have no idea what to do next and because kids will definitely add to your grief with “How much time until we get there?” questions. Don't choose a complicated long route for you'll only make things worse. You should be realistic about how much time your kids can actually handle in the car and choose your route accordingly.

Don't be late

If you have planned your trip having your kids' sleeping schedule in mind, then you should definitely leave at the right time. Night driving is often dangerous and you might just as well avoid it but leaving in the very early hours of the morning sounds like a brilliant idea to make sure children have their quantum of sleep during the journey. Therefore, don't be late because in this situation, time means quietness.

Breaks are always welcome

Regular stops are not only good for your children but also for you as you get some time to rest during longer trips. However, these might not be enough for your active kids and there are good chances they will disturb you very often claiming they're starving or dying of thirst. That's why, you should consider packing some light snacks, fruits and drinks in case you happen to have some hungry kids. This will not only calm down their hunger and thirst but it will also keep them busy for a few moments.

Don't ignore car sickness

Even if none of your kids has had car sickness problems in the past, it's always a good idea to pack some medicines against it among your luggage. Also don't forget about remedies for headaches and cramps. You might not need them after all but it's better to be prepared for unexpected situations.

Well, if you mix all the ingredients together, the recipe for a less stressful journey will prove its success. Yet, despite your good intentions, some children might still be a pain in the neck. If you are driving, leave the situation to be handled by the other adults in the car and try to focus on the road.

No matter the case, it's important to stay calm and try to solve the problem at the next stop. Put yourself in their shoes and imagine what in this world could possibly please you. After all, no one knows your kids better than you do!
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