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Tiny Boathouse Is One Relaxing Hotel, Floats Without a Care in the World

The Danish know a thing or two about relaxing, as they try to adopt a balanced lifestyle that allows them to enjoy life instead of just fighting to survive it. And it even shows in their hospitality industry. Take the KAJ Hotel for instance, a combination of hotel, tiny house, and boat.
KAJ Hotel in Copenhagen 6 photos
KAJ HotelKAJ HotelKAJ HotelKAJ HotelKAJ Hotel
Placed in the middle of Copenhagen, this tiny house floats peacefully on the water, accommodating tourists within its cozy 170 square feet (16 square meters) interior. While it may not look at first glance, this tiny, floating pod consists of a desk area, a bathroom with a portal window and shower, a kitchenette, a bedroom, as well as some additional sleeping spaces. It can accommodate one to four people.

The KAJ Hotel was designed by architect Karl Smith Meyer and it is made entirely of reclaimed materials. The stairs and gangway were made of recycled materials from a ship, while the foundation of the micro-hotel uses old railroad poles.

Once you set foot inside the boathouse, you get an instant taste of the Scandinavian style, with white walls, warm and lightly colored furniture and floors, and an overall feeling of cleanness and refined minimalism. Both the interior and exterior of the KAJ Hotel blend perfectly with the surroundings.

The tiny boathouse offers a direct view of the historic custom house (Toldboden) and it is also close to other popular tourist attractions in Copenhagen.

But serenity comes at a steep price. Tourists who want to spend a night at this peaceful KAJ Hotel have to pay approximately $400 per night (2,500 Danish Krones). For this price, they will also get access to a kayak, a small motorboat, and a SUP (stand-up paddle) board. You’ll also be able to enjoy a morning homemade porridge and a cup of coffee or tea, all provided by the host.


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