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Times Are Tough, Buy Yourself a 585-HP Diesel Fire Truck

There aren’t many good things happening right now in the world. One might be inclined to think it’s time to take unusual yet much-needed precautions. Before you sell your stocks or cryptos and go all-in on precious metals, take a deep breath and think about this: isn’t a fire truck a great investment?
1992 E-One Titan Fire Truck 7 photos
1992 E-One Titan ARFF Fire Truck1992 E-One Titan ARFF Fire Truck1992 E-One Titan ARFF Fire Truck1992 E-One Titan ARFF Fire Truck1992 E-One Titan ARFF Fire Truck1992 E-One Titan ARFF Fire Truck
I’m not here to tell you what to do with your money. I’m just trying to point out that anyone could benefit from having a fully loaded ARFF fire truck on standby. One could instantly become the neighborhood hero. Or, you know, turn into the fun guy not liked by the elderly. Either way, what’s stopping anyone from having such an impressive machine in the driveway? Size might be an issue, but the neighbors would sure understand if you got in their driveway just a little bit.

All jokes aside, there’s a fire truck on auction right as I’m typing these words. It started life as an airport emergency vehicle but had the bad luck of ending in the public service. It ran for only 14,000 miles (22,530 km) in a county from Georgia, and it comes packed with goodies. If you’re about to enter the bidding competition and win it, you’ll be able to make use of four-wheel drive, three locking differentials, a water and foam tank, a high-capacity pump, a siren, emergency lights (check the local laws before pushing any buttons), and the all-important air horn. It’s basically a dream come true for all kids. Imagine hearing your child that he wants to become a firefighter, and you roll in one of these bad boys the next day? That’s a core memory unlocked right there.

This 1992 E-One Titan sports a thirsty turbocharged two-stroke Detroit diesel engine that’s paired with an Allison Automatic Transmission. The maker is still in business today in Florida and New York, so it’ll be able to help you with proper servicing and spare parts.

The truck has an aluminum body for obvious reasons and looks just so 2022 in that red with yellow accents. On the exterior of it you’ll also find emergency lighting with crossfire and a strobe.

If you’re an entrepreneur, you might find this attractive as a showpiece for a club or a party. It can also become a symbol if you’re into history or fire trucks have a deeper meaning in your area. Schools might also benefit from it. Kids would sure be interested.

Even though the seller doesn’t mention a lot of things about the fire truck, you should keep in mind this is a very wide vehicle that’s not renowned for stability. The center of gravity sits pretty high. But, buyers, beware! The current bid might be just $500 with six days left to fight others for it. However, a similar one is on sale right now on another web platform for $275,000.

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