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Time To Explore The American Dream Trailer Company, and Why You've Never Heard of Them
Searching the world for unique and out-of-this-world RVs, I've run across a company known as The American Dream Trailer Company. It's here that I ran across an RV design like very few in the world, the one and only American Dream travel trailer, a modern spin on the vintage trailer boat campers from the 60s.

Time To Explore The American Dream Trailer Company, and Why You've Never Heard of Them

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You're sitting at home looking over the adventure plans for this year. But there's just one issue, your current RV makes it rather difficult to bring along all the gear you may need to fully embrace the outdoors. Sure, you'll be surrounded by trees, chirping birds, and possibly hungry bears, but you want more; you want a camper that lets you do it all, including some time out on the lake.

Well, what you may find yourself looking for may be a mobile habitat the likes of the American Dream. Now, what's so dang special about this little trinket, being a camper, is that the entire design incorporates a friggin boat into the whole thing! Yes, a boat. That's what you see on top of this trailer; a boat hull.

But, before you go off the rails trying to get ahold of this camper manufacturer, let me point out a few things. First, as I searched for the manufacturer's website, I ran across a domain that is no longer active. Two, I finally found a Facebook page that is still up and running and the source of the info I present today, but there hasn't been anything posted since 2017. Five years.... Quite inactive, if you ask me.

So, what the heck did we miss out on? Honestly, one very simple, vintage, and affordable camper. Marketing may have been to blame for this team slipping under the rug. Maybe they were bought out. Maybe it was the lack of attention to the interior; you decide. It seems we may never know. Nonetheless, we can still look at what the heck was available to outdoor lovers.

Aside from the boat you see mounted to the top of the camper, another attraction of the habitat is that the entire thing weighed no more than 650 lbs (295 kg). How is this possible? Using a bunch of fiberglass to create both the shell and boat. Overall, the habitat came in with a length of 8 ft (2.4 m) and a width of 4 ft (1.2 m), but one stand-apart trait is the retro styling used. According to the manufacturer's Facebook page, the 60s was the era that inspired this machine.

But, no matter how styling may have looked, this travel trailer was ready to help you survive in a fashion similar to teardrop campers. Entry into the cabin was done via a door found on the starboard side of the trailer. Once inside, two guests will have a place to rest their heads on a modular mattress, and some storage spaces are present. Sockets for devices and a small control panel can be spotted in the video below. Some images also showcase an interior that features a drop-down table.

As for the galley, all owners were being offered was nothing more than a space to store things like a portable grill, fridge, and other utensils they may need on their trip. The large rear hatch was destined to be used as a dining surface or worktop. What more could you want? It looks like there could be room for a portable solar kit too.

At the end of the day, prices seemed to range depending on the sort of features package you may have chosen, but owners could pay anywhere from around 9,000 USD (8,256 EUR at current exchange rates) to 13,000 USD (11,926 EUR) or more. If there are no issues with the chassis or leaks, that sounds like a fair rate.

Nonetheless, the true magic of this camper was, as I mentioned, its ability to meet your need for adventure, whether it be on land or water. While we may not be able to get our hands on the American Dream camper at this time, I'm sure we'll see something like this in the near future.


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