Time for a Wireless Upgrade: The World's Top Android Auto Adapter Gets Major Price Cut

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Android Auto wireless adapters have grown to become must-have devices for many users, allowing them to ditch cables in their cars.
You don't have to be a connoisseur to understand the benefits of using Android Auto wirelessly. If you've tried Android Auto with a cable, you probably know already that the experience can become so unstable and unreliable that it's sometimes impossible to run the app.

Cables have long caused such problems, and despite Google offering tips on how to choose the best cord for Android Auto, going wireless helps eliminate the struggle.

A few years ago, AAWireless pioneered this product category, providing users with a new way to resolve this major Android Auto shortcoming. It plays the role of a middleman by connecting to your phone using Bluetooth and the vehicle using the Android Auto USB port.

Once it powers on, you can pair AAWireless with your smartphone and let it do its magic. AAWireless automatically forwards the Android Auto signal to the vehicle, so the app launches wireless. You won't have to do the same thing the next time you get in the car. If you leave AAWireeless plugged in, it's enough to start the engine and wait for Android Auto to start on your screen, no matter where your phone is in the cabin.

This approach rapidly caught the attention of users and other companies in the market, with Motorola working with Google to launch a similar product. The MA1 is Motorola's device, born out of a collaboration with Google, offering similar capabilities in a different form factor.

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The AAWireless discount

AAWireless continues to be one of the most popular Android Auto wireless devices, so it's no surprise that people keep buying it to get rid of cables.

There's no better time to buy AAWireless than this week, as the parent company has just announced a Father's Day discount on Amazon and its online shop.

AAWireless is 15% cheaper, meaning that you can get it in the United States for $63.74. The device is also on sale on the AAWireless webshop for European users, now carrying a price tag of €59.49.

The sale starts today and ends on June 14, so you have a full week to decide if you're ready to leave cables behind and go wireless with AAWireless.

What's next for AAWireless?

AAWireless Android Auto dongle
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AAWireless has already teased big things for the next-generation model. The parent company will release an upgraded version this year, and the biggest change will be support for Apple CarPlay.

Apple users are no different from Google users when it comes to cables. While the experience with CarPlay is significantly more stable and reliable when you use a cable with an older iPhone, everything changes once you upgrade to the iPhone 15.

The latest-generation iPhone uses a USB-C connector, and as many buyers found out the hard way, not all USB-C cables support charging and data. Some cables can only be used for charging, meaning they can't be used for running CarPlay. The confusion caused much frustration in the CarPlay world when the iPhone 15 launched, and many users started exploring their options, including going wireless and leaving cables behind.

AAWireless will support the transition from wired to wireless with the next-generation model, albeit no specifics are available today. We already know the device will launch in 2024, but more information will be shared closer to the unveiling.

The company previously tested CarPlay support with beta firmware aimed at certain models already on the market, but the second generation will support Apple's in-car experience out of the box. You won't need anything to run CarPlay wirelessly with AAWireless 2.0, as the goal is to make the experience as straightforward as with the current model.

AAWireless Android Auto dongle
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Motorola's MA1

Meanwhile, Motorola has also reduced the price of the MA1, with the device now selling for $54.89 on Amazon. This is a 22% cut from the original $69.99 price, but considering the discount has been available for several weeks already, there's a good chance this is the new price of the MA1.

Compared to AAWireless, Motorola doesn't seem to be planning a second-generation model, and support for Apple's in-car experience is not on the table.

In both cases, the first-generation models still work great for Android Auto users, despite the occasional long-term reliability users reported by some Motorola customers. Most of these complaints reported connection problems after a few months of using the MA1 to run Android Auto wirelessly, albeit the experience seems to be different for users, with some claiming flawless connections even two years after the purchase. Make sure you let me know about your experience with the MA1 in the box after the jump.

Once the promo is over, AAWireless will return to the standard $74.99 price, although I wouldn't be surprised to see the company discounting the device heavily ahead of the second generation's debut.
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