Time and Again, the Double Yellow Lines Are Not a Rider's Best Friend

With the billions of videos that can be watched on thousands of websites, I believed that people are smart enough to check and see what dangers they might run into when riding a motorcycle... and learn how to avoid getting in trouble. Well, I was wrong.
Rider crashing because of having poorly chosen his line through a turn 1 photo
Photo: Liveleak capture
Here's another cool example of mindless riding... and the nasty outcome of such a riding style. And all I can do is hope that the number of reckless riders will dwindle a bit as more people will have watched this video.

Multiple faces of failure as a rider

Well, let's start with saying that the crash itself is not the only failure in the video. Seeing motorcyclists who cross the center line is sending chills down my spine. Each time I see such riding I remember the few times I did so because of various riding error, and even though I was lucky enough no to run into incoming traffic, I cannot help thinking about the "what if" scenario.

Frankly, it doesn't matter whether one rides wide into the opposite lane or cuts a shorter track in a left-hander. This type of behavior on the road is very dangerous. Those who crashed this way and lived can verify the story.

As for the other driver, watching the video carefully also reveals a crack in the road, very close to the yellow lines and the guy loses control of the bike as he passes over it.

At higher speeds, such imperfections of the road surface can indeed cause the wheels to "jump" a bit off their natural track, and if the rider is not holding the bars firmly, this is a shortcut to a crash.

Now, even with fair odds that his crash was caused by that crack in the asphalt, we have to admit that had he ridden on a more decent track around that bend, the whole crash thing would've been avoided altogether. Or at least until the next turn these "heroes" decided to cut a sharper line.

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