Tiffin's 2024 Allegro Red Motorhome Unlocks the Door to Mobile and American Luxury

2024 Allegro Red 33 AA 25 photos
Photo: Colton RV & Marine / Via Tiffin Facebook
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Back in 1941, the name Tiffin first popped up on the American market as a hardware supply company. Fast forward several decades later, and the name Tiffin is responsible for some of America's most luxurious and beloved motorhomes. Let's check out what's in store for 2024.
Every year, RV and motorhome manufacturers unleash what they feel will be the peak of next year's mobile living, and one crew that's at the top of the wheeled luxury game is Tiffin Motorhomes, so it makes sense to explore one of their freshest machines, the 2024 Allegro Red. It's nothing more than a motorhome priced around the $420K (€383K at current exchange rates) mark, so go ahead and start creating those fantasies; this one might turn some of them into a reality.

Now, a motorhome of this size, up to 39.5 ft (12 m), can't be built upon your average chassis, and for this reason, Tiffin has chosen to go with a Freightliner XCM Modular rail base with a rear-mounted diesel engine from Cummins cranking out 380 hp and a peak of 1,150 lb-ft of torque. Is it enough to haul all 47,320 lbs (21,464 kg) of GCWR? Tiffin thinks so, and so do the trucking and farming industries, where Cummins has been a powerhouse for decades.

I'm going to skip over the air suspension system and all that and hop right into the aluminum frame used as a base for countless pieces of insulation, sections of fiberglass and other composites, and slide-outs used to create what you can call your year-round and on-road home.

2024 Allegro Red
Photo: Tiffin Motorhomes
Once all that's been set and secured, the result is a massive home with more exterior storage bays than you can shake a stick at and up to four slide-outs. Heck, some floorplans, such as the 37 BA, even include almost an entire wall and its feature on a single slide-out.

As a result, once you've parked your Allegro Red, you'll expand your home to nearly double the size of what you've been driving for the past few hours. Pick a floor plan, and let's take a quick tour. Personally, I've chosen the 33 KA layout to walk you through what this lineup has to offer, but you can go with any of the remaining two as they're no less luxurious and capable of meeting our every on-road living need.

Once you've expanded your home, unloaded all the outdoor living gear you've brought along, maybe even a tent for the kids to get some peace and quiet, and set it up, some of us will probably start exploring the local landscape, but I'd head inside for a quick snack and nap after today's drive.

Allegro Red 38 KA
Photo: Tiffin Motorhomes
To access the interior, you can either get out of your driver or passenger seat or via the entrance found at the base of the cab. Once you do, you'll find yourself at the beginning of a living room packed with features the likes of modular dinettes and couches, theater seating, sofas with hidden TVs behind them, recliners, and even fireplaces!

Take a moment to picture yourself in the center of the images you see in the gallery. Feel the tile or carpet flooring under your bare feet, take a seat on a recliner, turn on that fireplace, and heat yourself up, or, why not head to the kitchen to whip up a quick bite to eat?

Now, here's a space that literally blew me away. Upon seeing the galley variations that Tiffin places at our disposal, in particular, the one seen in the 38 KA and the way it runs along the starboard wall, it simply reminds me of home. Open up the fridge, grab all you need for a sandwich or even a soup and a main course, whip them up on a large countertop and/or three-burner top, and enjoy. Let the optional dishwasher take care of the dishes.

Allegro Red 37 BA
Photo: Tiffin Motorhomes
Since the kids refused to come inside for a snack and your significant other was taking a shower, you eat alone, overlooking the kids running around outside through any of the countless windows all over the exterior of this beauty. It's time for that nap.

Because there's still some light left in the day, instead of extending any of the modular furniture, you head straight for the bedroom, where a king-size bed awaits your tired bones. Grab a change of clothes from the wardrobe, pick a side, and hop on up. Sleep tight.

Upon rising from bed, you notice that the sun has gone down for the day - you missed the sunset - but the sound of your family members laughing outside tells you there's still life in the party, so you join them in the glow of a fire pitched while you've been catching Zs. Share a story or two, make some s'mores, scare the little ones, and all the while, that fiery glow is cast upon your 2024 Allegro Red.

Now, this is nothing more than a simple presentation of the sort of life we could lead with one of these babies, up to all eight of your family members, but if you want to go for a more hands-on experience, you'll have to find one at a local dealership and go from there. Talk about a change of lifestyle.

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Editor's note: Images in the gallery showcase an array of 2024 Allegro Red layouts.

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