Thunder Series Is a Family-Ready Pop-Top Travel Trailer Aimed at Conquering Australia

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Photo: Goldstream RV
Thunder SeriesThunder SeriesThunder SeriesThunder SeriesThunder SeriesThunder Series
By now, most of the world has figured out that Australia is responsible for some of the most capable off-road and off-grid campers. Well, this time around, we'll be living out of the pop-top Thunder Series. Grab your 4x4, and let's hit the road.
You've already picked up on the fact that the Thunder Series is an Australian travel trailer, and since there's a whole lot going on with this unit, I felt it would be a good idea to bring to light some of its magic. But, before I do, allow me to shed some light on the minds and hands behind the magic here today.

For that, we find ourselves in the midst of none other than Goldstream RV, an Aussie-based crew that's been active in this industry since 1993. Over the years, their goal has always been to " Australian families achieve true freedom on the open road."

And that's also where we see a catch to the very outdoor-oriented Thunder Series; because it's an Australian camper and designed according to the rules and regulations of the Land Down Under, there's no other place where you're legally able to operate it. Bummer, I know, but then again, Australia is a neat place for outdoor lovers and explorers. What the rest of the world can do is use this baby as inspiration for a unit done right.

Thunder Series
Photo: Goldstream RV
Now, the Thunder is a rather feature-filled unit, so for the sake of time, I'll stick to some of the essentials, and the first is price. Here's where I encountered a problem: I had a very hard time pinpointing a price for a new unit; all I found were used units or new ones that have been sitting around in some lot for a couple of years. The average price for one of these is around $45K Australian, which is roughly $30K American, and these are units suitable for families of up to six, maybe more.

This is all made possible by the way this sort of design works. For instance, you've driven the miles to reach some forgotten piece of land in the middle of nowhere, and once you've found flat ground for the Thunder, it's time for it to explode into view.

All you have to do is lift the roof in place and watch the canvas walls take shape and with access inside, you'll flip out two bedrooms that sit at opposite ends of the unit. Once all that's done, you'll be looking at your extended weekend home, and nearly double the size of what you initially towed along. Oh, a third sleeping area can be accessed via the modular dinette.

The rest of the interior is reserved for two massive countertops that sit across from one another and supply owners with features like countless drawers and cupboards for storing everything from clothing to foodstuffs, but along the way, fridges, sinks with faucets, and ovens join the mix. No use going over fans, USB ports, and all that.

Thunder Series
Photo: Goldstream RV
What is worth noting are all the outdoor living goodies the Thunder has in place. I'm talking about features like a 170 W solar panel, gas cylinders, and up to 124 liters (32 gals) of fresh water. The catch is that these features are dependent on the sort of upgrade package you end up choosing from Goldstream, if any. I do recommend looking into them, as some of those sets of goodies even affect aspects like suspension and several others.

Last but not least, I invite you back outside the Thunder. This is where we'll be spending most of your time, especially if you love the outdoors. Like the majority of Australian units, no matter the design—pop-top, forward-fold, rear-fold, double-fold, whatever-fold—there's a neat outdoor galley waiting for you to tend to your meal plans.

Your mornings, lunches, and dinners should go something a little like this, weather permitting: you'll find yourself and your family sitting underneath an extended side awning, and as mealtime nears, you or whoever is on cooking duty will open one of the hatches spotted at the front of the Thunder Series, and with a pull, reveals a slide-out, fitted with a sink, faucet, fridge, and space for a cooktop. Behind you, a breakfast bar lets you serve up the hot meals.

Thunder Series
Photo: Goldstream RV
The evening may catch you doing the same, all with the exception of a star-filled sky above - the awning is clearly pulled back - and a fire blazing a few feet away from the group. Pull out a guitar and teach the kids how to make a S'more. Take the time to show them a constellation or two, and then it's off to bed for tomorrow's adventures. A tad of kayaking on a nearby lake, hitting the morning surf on some beach, or hiking up the local trails. What more could you want?

Sure, it's not going to be the sort of unit you take into the mountains during the off-season, but then again, most folks are out there exploring during the warmer months. Sounds like a neat way to spend the summer if you ask me, and a big reason why this industry is always active.

So you've found something you like? Why not move to Australia and handle things face-to-face with Goldstream? They'd love to hear about how their work inspired you to start a new life. Maybe the next article I write will be precisely about that.
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