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Thrive Motorcycle’s Custom 1980 Honda CB650 Looks Like One Evil Machine
Is it just me, or do its exhaust pipes resemble tentacles?

Thrive Motorcycle’s Custom 1980 Honda CB650 Looks Like One Evil Machine

Let’s set things straight, the folks over at Thrive Motorcycle aren’t exactly rookies when it comes to delivering some genuinely impressive custom builds. Not only does the reputed firm specialize in modifying motorcycles of just about any type, they also manufacture aftermarket components and design casual apparel to suit your ride.

As you browse their inventory, you will come across a variety of stunning projects, such as the insane T22 Synthesis (based on a Kawasaki Ninja 150 RR), a brutal makeover of a 1984 Honda CB250N that’s been dubbed T09 Prototype and one very rectangular Yamaha Scorpio 225, by the name of T05 Cross.

One thing’s for sure, the Thrive crew aims to blow your mind with their outlandish creations and will stop at nothing to fulfill that goal. To give you a better idea as to what they’re all about, we’ll be taking a quick peek at what they’ve accomplished with Portia, a heavily customized 1980 Honda CB650 that looks absolutely demonic!

Honda’s 1980 model in the CB650 range was powered by a vicious inline-four SOHC powerplant, with a displacement of 626cc. This engine would deliver up to 62 hp and 39 pound-feet (53 Nm) of torque output through a five-speed transmission, making the CB650 capable of accelerating 0-62 mph (0-100 kph) in just under five seconds. Furthermore, this bad boy would run the quarter mile in as little as 13.5 seconds and reach a top speed of approximately 116 mph (187 kph).

Without going into any other details, you can probably conclude that this was one hell of a machine back in the ‘80s. As to Portia, this fierce animal's origins as a standard Honda CB650 are almost unrecognizable.

For starters, the team started by conceptualizing “a ’60s style rounded fairing with an aggressive stance up front and an angular ’80s tail section.” As soon as the customer agreed to have the project head in this direction, Thrive began working on Portia’s incredible bodywork. The custom fiberglass front fairing is accompanied by a retro windshield from Geba Parts, while the bike’s aluminum tail section, large fuel tank and alloy front fender have all been hand-crafted with the intent of strengthening the classic aesthetic.

Up front, we'll find clip-on handlebars, modified Yamaha USD forks and a set of terrifying twin headlights housed by the front fairing, joined by Ohlins TR110003 Black Series shocks and a couple of round vintage taillights at the rear. Additionally, Thrive disposed of the bike’s standard Comstar wheels in favor of classic 17-inch multi-spoked wheels, equipped with inboard CBX550F brakes and hugged by high-performance Pirelli Sportcomp tires.

In terms of the inline-four engine, it was thoroughly restored by Kandang Ayam Garage, to then be provided with a custom four-into-two exhaust system, tweaked carburetors and a new set of velocity stacks. Finally, Portia’s spectacular bodywork was finished in a gorgeous gloss black base and white stripes, but its hand-made aluminum tail remains uncovered. To wrap it all up, the company added a plethora of decals that make this Honda look like it’s ready to devour the racetrack.

If you happen to like this mean machine as much as I do, I’d suggest that you head over to Thrive Motorcycle’s Instagram account. Their portfolio will leave you speechless!


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