Three Minutes of Delightful Terror and Lost Lunches Are Traits of Hyper Coasters

Let's face it, very few machines conceived by human minds have the ability to pull screams out of you like rollercoasters. In this spirit, we'll be getting to know hunks of metal known simply as Hyper Coasters.
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Photo: The Land of Legends
Hyper CoasterHyper CoasterHyper CoasterThe Flash Hyper CoasterThe Flash Hyper CoasterThe Flash Hyper CoasterThe Flash Hyper CoasterThe Flash Hyper Coaster
Folks, if you ever make it out to Belek, Turkey, Xian, China, or Oxenford, Australia, you'll be able to partake in an experience few would dare, taking a ride on a Hyper Coaster. What's so special about these machines? Well, if you're an adrenaline junkie looking for the next big fix, this one's for you.

Most of us know of rollercoasters, and some have even had the chance to enjoy them, but very few people know what it takes to build a safely terrifying ride. One crew that's been hard at work pulling screams out of your belly is MACK Rides.

If you've never heard of this manufacturer, they're a German crew that's been hard at work designing and manufacturing some of the world's most thrilling rides, a sort of Mercedes-Benz of rollercoastering. Every single aspect of a ride is overseen by this team, from track to car, seating, and even construction. Oh, they've also been doing this for over 235 years now.

One of their most performant designs is their Hyper Coaster. While some theme parks like Land of Legends (Turkey) have kept the manufacturer's name, other parks call their Hyper Coaster differently, something to do with branding. Worldwide, only three countries feature Hyper Coasters: Turkey, China, and Australia.

The Flash Hyper Coaster
Photo: MACK Rides
Now, one of the main features of Hyper Coaster is the initial rise to action that riders undergo. As the carriage climbs to launch position, riders will feel a shift in elevation of 200 feet (61 meters) or more, depending on the park the ride is experienced in.

One of the first coasters I ever rode on was set up a lot like Hyper Coaster. That first initial rise to the top is both breathtaking and also very frightening, especially once that car starts hurdling downhill into a massive initial loop.

What people don't realize about rollercoasters that they're absolutely customizable. This means that manufacturers like MACK can add as much terror and thrill to the experience as they like, within functional levels, of course.

For example, the longer Hyper Coaster seems to be the one in Australia, with a track length of 1.4 km (0.86 mi). However, the tallest version is The Flash in China, with a height of 160 feet (48.8 meters). With a top speed of 115 kph (72.5 mph), your car will cover the distance in near 3 minutes.

Depending on which of these three coasters you encounter, be prepared for the speeds and heights I mentioned, but also be ready for things like over-banked curves, helix spirals, vertical loops, and even zero-g rolls.

The Flash Hyper Coaster
Photo: MACK Rides
Now, don't worry about your safety when riding this monster, as MACK Rides ensure each coaster for use up to 80 years, including state-of-the-art restraints and seating and magnetic brakes.

Best of all, to get a ride on one of these beauties, you won't have to dish out very much. Land of Legends features an entry fee of 25 USD (22 EUR at current exchange rates). Although it's not specified if ride admission is included in that fee.

From behind a screen I understand you have no way to understand the thrills that can be felt during one of these rides. Well, as a solution, I've attached a video below that is sure to give you an idea of what to expect if you ever get the chance to ride these beasts.

Sure, they may not be Formula Rossa, what is still considered the world's fastest rollercoaster, but a manufacturer with over 235 years of experience is bound to make you lose your lunch; I recommend packing light for this one.

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Editor's note: The image gallery features different Hyper Coaster constructions from MACK Rides.

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