Thousands of Kilos of Oranges Stolen with a Suzuki Baleno Sedan

Common sense among thieves, if there is such a thing, should advise them to be cautious. That is if you are to steal something other than money, make sure to be as inconspicuous as possible. Although that might not be such good advice for brightly-colored-oranges thieves.
Suzuki Baleno filled with oranges 3 photos
4 tons of oranges stolen in Spain4 tons of oranges stolen in Spain
Spain is Europe's largest orange producer. In 2015, 1.9 million tons of the delicious fruit were produced in the country. It provides so much that at times it even has serious overproduction issues. A thriving industry, which is poised to attract a lot of undesired attention as well.

At the beginning of the week, four tons of oranges vanished from a warehouse in Carmona, 33 km north-east of Seville. Because Spain is Europe's largest orange producers, those four tons mean a ripple in the ocean, so nobody really cared. Still, the owners reported the theft.

Not long after that, on the road between Torreblanca and Mairena de Alcor, police witness how a convoy of three vehicles, two passenger ones, and a van, suddenly change direction. Suspicions arise from that, but also from the fact that the two cars are visibly overweighted.

Police pulled the little convoy over and, before going about their business, spotted the problem: the three cars were packed with oranges. For some reason, the ones in the van were neatly wrapped in sacks, while the ones in the sedan and wagon were not. As a result, as soon as the doors opened, most of the 4,000 kilos of oranges spilled onto the road.

But the thieves were not about to give up. Although caught red-handed, they had an explanation at the ready. Remember how Spain is Europe's largest orange producer? Well, apparently it is so large that the fruits just lie around on the roads, from where the thieves “had been picking them up.” They also said they managed to gather so many oranges because they came from “very far away.


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