Thou Shall Not Pass, Cow Says to Biker before Charging In

When it comes to animals versus motorcycles, it looks like the latter have some sort of handicap and they lose pretty much each time. The only scenario which is a not-that-much-fail one seems to be when a rider manages to outrun the animal attacking him or her and flee. Definitely not a victory, but we might call this a draw.
Thou Shall Not Pass 1 photo
Photo: Facebook capture
Whether it’s about riders impacted by a deer jumping from the side of the road or stampeding through the pampas directly into an off-roader, dogs inadvertently crossing the path of a motorcycle or rams whish are not willing to let a bike pass on a rocky trail, almost all the encounters end up with an owned rider.

Do animals hate motorbikes?

Now, it would be really interesting to find out why animals always seem to be willing to confront motorcycles, disregarding even the rather noisy 2-stroke machines and barging into them almost with enmity.

Are motorcycles such a nuisance to these animals that they feel like they must be obliterated or at least thrown to the ground? Is there any cow psychologist in the room to shed some light in this funny matter?

Anyway, the fellow in the video got away pretty easily, without serious damage to the bike and without injuries. Taking a look around the area where this happened, we figure out that if he took a fall on the left side, some injuries and more extensive damage to the bike would have been possible… or likely.

Funny to see the guy defending with the front wheel, but the move was smart, as it out some distance between his left knee or hip and the sharp horns. Glad to see him alright, but still, it’s hard not to laugh really loud.

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