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Thor’s 2023 Omni 4x4 Motorhome Is Jam-Packed With Features

Thor’s new Omni XG32 is a 4x4 Super C designed to offer travelers a spacious interior loaded with amenities. For 2023, this RV includes a fully-equipped kitchen, a dream dinette, and a spacious bedroom that can be accessed even when the slide-outs are not extended.
2023 Thor Omni 10 photos
2023 Thor Omni XG32 floor plan2023 Thor Omni XG32 floor plan2023 Thor Omni XG32 floor plan2023 Thor Omni XG32 floor plan2023 Thor Omni XG32 floor plan2023 Thor Omni XG32 floor plan2023 Thor Omni XG32 floor plan2023 Thor Omni XG32 floor plan2023 Thor Omni XG32 floor plan
This Super C is based on a Ford F-550 chassis, and it’s packing a 6.7-liter 4x4 Power Stroke V8 turbo diesel under the hood that is capable of delivering 330 hp and 825 lb-ft (1,119 Nm) of torque. The Omni XG32 measures 33.8 ft (10.3 meters) in length, and it’s 8.3-ft-wide (2.5-meter-wide). It’s already a pretty spacious RV, but with the slide-outs fully extended, it offers plenty of room for a small family.

The motorhome’s exterior features a 14-ft (4.2-meter) awning that allows travelers to enjoy the outdoors and watch the exterior TV whenever they want. There’s also an outdoor shower that comes in handy when you want to keep the dirt out of the RV, as well as plenty of storage space.

The interior is filled with all the amenities of a home. It comes with a dream dinette, which has two comfortable seats and a table that drops down to make a bed. Above the dinette is a TV and several cabinets for storage. The Omni XG32 does have another sleeping area above the cab as well, which can comfortably accommodate two people.

Next to the entryway, travelers will find a large closet that they can use to hang their clothes. Across this area is the living room, which features theatre seating and some cabinets. The model also comes with a fully-equipped kitchen. It includes a one-burner induction cooktop and a two-burner propane one, a double sink, a convection microwave, and a full-size refrigerator. Of course, it comes with numerous drawers, cabinets, and a pantry that provides ample storage.

Next to the pantry is the bathroom, which is pretty compact. However, it does include a corner shower, three cabinets, a sink with storage underneath, and a toilet. Lastly, the bedroom in the Omni XG32 is really spacious. It has a queen-size bed, a nice wardrobe, eight drawers, a TV, and a generous countertop.

Other features included in this Super C are a 100-watt solar panel mounted on the roof, a 75-gallon (341-liter) freshwater tank, and a 47-gallon (214-liter) graywater one. Matt from Matt’s RV Reviews offered a thorough walkthrough of the new Thor Omni XG32. You can watch the clip attached down below and see what this motorhome is all about.

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