This West Coast-Style Beauty Is the Urban Adventurer’s Perfect Modern Retreat

The Pacific Wren is a home office and a guest cabin combined 33 photos
Photo: Rewild Homes
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The recent pandemic and imposed isolation made everyone think more about the benefits of having a reliable, safe haven with a minimal footprint and maximum mobility. Millionaires, for instance, had their fabulous superyachts, which they could turn into private fortresses at sea. We may not have that option, but even a compact tiny house designed to be both a comfy home and a practical office on wheels can turn out to be a priceless solution.
Rewild Homes needs no introduction – this brand is known and loved for building some of the most amazing tiny homes of our time, and the Pacific Wren perfectly reflects this heritage. Although described rather humbly as a guest cabin and home office combined, the Pacific Wren could make the fanciest tiny homes meant for everyday living blush. The signature blend of exquisite woodwork with a clever design that uses every inch of space in the best way possible takes this from a basic, cabin-style dwelling to a classy and elegant house on wheels.

The Pacific Wren boasts an often-seen dual-loft configuration, but the stand-out feature that changes everything is the extensive office desk/kitchen countertop taking up a big chunk of the overall length. Instead of trying to squeeze a separate desk somewhere in the house, the Rewild Homes team took advantage of the generous spaciousness and high-luminosity potential of the kitchen area.

The beautiful butcher block countertop became a multi-purpose element – one section is designed to work as a lovely home office, while the other one, with classic cupboards underneath, is used for preparing meals.

The Pacific Wren
Photo: Rewild Homes
Two large windows instead of one complement this dual-purpose setup. Remarkably, the kitchen is still fitted with all the needed appliances, including a full-size fridge. Having a home office didn't mean ditching the lounge area either. Two beautiful picture windows keep this part of the house incredibly luminous and connected to the outdoors. We could see this entire area turning into an awesome summer party oasis, with the office desk turning into a cool bar, an extension of the indoor/outdoor lounge.

With a 24-foot (7.3 meters) length and an 8.6-foot (2.6 meters) width, the Pacific Wren is undoubtedly not meant to be a solitary retreat. This beautiful home is ready to welcome numerous guests and even accommodate them overnight in its two lofts. The larger one boasts extra-large, almost floor-to-ceiling windows on one side, which translates to lots of natural light coming in. A solid protection wall adds the privacy and safety of a conventional bedroom, just like the beautifully crafted staircase with an elegant handrail.

The second loft, on the other hand, has a basic structure and is accessed via a ladder that can be easily stored away when not in use. If the home is used primarily as a guest cabin with a home office, this could add the functionality of a larger storage area.

The Pacific Wren
Photo: Rewild Homes
The bathroom is another feature that elevates the Pacific Wren's overall style. It's very much like a traditional family home bathroom with a big shower cabin, plenty of storage, and enough room for a washer/dryer unit. Plus, a large window keeps even this part of the home remarkably bright and airy.

Like most Rewild Homes builds, the Pacific Wren is specifically designed to amplify luminosity. Not just one but two large skylights complement the numerous windows and the glass doors throughout. Although this is typically seen in contemporary designs, the high-quality woodwork combining dark and light natural tones also gives the Pacific Wren a classic, traditional look.

The beautiful cedar siding on the outside (in true West Coast fashion) and the white-washed walls make this home seem instantly cozy and inviting. Far from a simple cabin or office on wheels, this spacious abode also comes with the best-quality equipment for comfortable living, including an on-demand water heater and a mini-split air conditioning and heating system.

The Pacific Wren
Photo: Rewild Homes
What more could you ask of your private oasis? It fits just as well in your backyard as it would on the road, traveling in search of weekend outdoor adventures. It can go effortlessly from a practical guest house or a simple office to a perfectly cozy family home.

The clever kitchen/office area design gives this dual-loft configuration a twist that makes it particularly suitable for those who are working from home and need a private yet luminous and roomy space for their work. The Pacific Wren looks completely clutter-free even though no inch of space was misused, which also adds up to greater versatility. Privacy and openness blend seamlessly inside this modern-era retreat.

The Pacific Wren
Photo: Rewild Homes
Fully packed with propane appliances and high-quality furnishings, this elevated cabin on wheels is built to ensure year-round comfort, whether it's used as a permanent residence or an auxiliary office. The Pacific Wren is just as much about comfort and a cozy ambiance as it is about functionality: a true mobile sanctuary for the urban adventurer.
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