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This VW Dash Turned Into a Gaming Rig Will Probably Blow Your Mind

2020 is over now, and while we see the light at the end of the tunnel, we’re still recommended to stay at home and avoid social interaction for as much as possible.
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While social distancing is something we all hate already, lots of people out there who are stuck at home for their own safety rediscover old hobbies or finally have the time to start working on their custom projects.

And if you’re a racing game enthusiast, here’s something that could completely change the way you control a car and which you can build yourselves at home.

YouTuber Johnnys_playground has created what is likely one of the best DIY racing simulators, using a Volkswagen Golf 7 dashboard to convert standard gaming hardware into a surprisingly real rig.

Obviously, doing this wasn’t easy and required not only plenty of dashboard parts (the real ones, not in a game), as well as careful planning to make sure everything fits correctly and works properly.

As you can see in the videos we embedded below, the gaming rig installed on a VW Golf dash includes a gaming wheel (modified to use the body of an actual steering wheel), pedals, the head unit, and everything else you’d normally expect to find in a car.

The image in front of the dash is actually a large TV that displays the game footage, but the real crazy part is the integration the man has managed to do. Everything is working, including the speedometer and the other gauges, so most likely, the work involved importing real-time game data through a dedicated API and hardcore coding that’s not necessarily the right job for an average Joe.

At the end of the day, this looks like a dream coming true for racing game fans out there, especially these days when we have more time to do what we love. For additional information on how to build your own similar gaming rig, you should follow the YouTube channel linked here.

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