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This Unusual Sailing Yacht With Hybrid Propulsion Is as Luxurious as Superyachts

We are witnessing a very important trend in the luxury yachting world, one that could lead to a radical shift over the next decades as more and more new models are focused on sustainability and eco-friendly alternatives. One of these innovative solutions is combining the benefits of sailing with the luxurious comfort of conventional motor yachts.
The new Velarca 135 is a next-gen superyacht that's eco-friendly and luxurious 8 photos
Velarca 135 YachtVelarca 135 YachtVelarca 135 YachtVelarca 135 YachtVelarca 135 YachtVelarca 135 YachtVelarca 135 Yacht
Bringing together the Finnish legacy in shipbuilding and German design can only result in excellence. The new Velarca 135, the flagship of the fresh Isola Corvus brand located in Finland, benefits from the prestigious design of the German Beiderbeck brand. It’s meant to become the “next-generation” yacht for those who are not only passionate about water but also about supporting the environment.

Eco-conscious” yacht owners are driving the significant shift in the pleasure craft sector, asking for alternatives to conventional fuel and propulsion systems, as well as for sustainable features. The Velarca 135 is powered by a diesel-electric hybrid propulsion system that will also be able to regenerate power thanks to the sailing systems. But these are definitely not the classic sails.

Made of modern, advanced materials, they come with a different type of rig that doesn’t require any ropes because it can be opened or reefed with the simple push of a button (located in the cockpit). This makes the Velarca yachts very easy to maneuver without needing “a small army of deck crew” for these operations.

But what makes this new model even more surprising is that it doesn’t compromise when it comes to luxury. Although it benefits fully from the innovative sailing system, it’s just as comfortable and spacious as a motor yacht. It’s an unusual double-decker, 135-foot-long (41 meters) with five or six cabins.

Customers can choose their preferred layout, with the Deluxe version able to accommodate ten guests. One of the yacht’s most impressive features is the large beach club with a stylish lounge area, a spa pool, and a generous swim platform.

Elegant and eco-friendly, the Velarca 135 proves that the future of yachting could be entirely green one day.


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