This Ultra-Modern Tiny With an Exterior Bathtub Is All About Enjoying the Outdoors

Tiny home builders in Australia and New Zealand excel at creating mobile dwellings that truly blend in with their surroundings. These tiny homes are meant to operate as indoor/outdoor spaces where conventional lines are blurred and the connection with nature is maximized. Discovery by Alphaline Tiny Homes is a perfect example – this could be a dream home for anyone who wants to live in the middle of nature.
The Discovery 8400 tiny house is designed as a luxurious indoor/outdoor haven on wheels 13 photos
Photo: Alphaline Tiny Homes
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When you glance at the Discovery tiny, you'll literally see everything. This home seems to have no secrets. It's not like a mysterious dwelling that needs to be explored but more like an open invitation. You'll also instantly know that it's Australian. The Aussie trend in the tiny house industry is all about connecting to the outdoors through abundant use of glass instead of wood and an ultra-modern layout with a fresh, bohemian vibe.

Australian-designed homes on wheels belong in nature, and Discovery is no exception. It would be a fabulous beach house or vacation rental somewhere in the wilderness. Its dwellers are meant to stay in constant connection to their natural surroundings. Each room inside this single-level abode opens to the outdoors in some way. At the same time, modern living standards were not neglected. The result is a comfortable and warm home that goes beyond the limitations of conventional houses.

Sliding doors made of glass are one of the main features of Australian tiny homes. They're meant to open up the house fully, literally turning it into an indoor/outdoor space. When the weather is right, those inside can keep the doors open and feel as though they're outside, while still being protected against excess heat and the elements.

Discovery 8400
Photo: Alphaline Tiny Homes
With the addition of a spacious deck, this type of opening creates a seamless connection between the deck and the indoors; it's like having a massive socializing and relaxation area where everyone can get together and still enjoy being outside.

Many tiny home living rooms come with big windows, but Discovery takes this to the next level. The oversized rear window is almost full height, creating the illusion of a glass wall. Flanked by such large windows and with glass doors in front of it, the cozy sofa offers spectacular views. A rustic fireplace is the perfect addition for a laid-back, bohemian atmosphere with a cozy touch.

Picture what it would be like to wake up to a grandiose view of the outdoors every morning. Forget skylights and tiny windows. The Discovery home comes with a main-floor bedroom that literally opens to the world.

Located at the end of the house, it boasts a separate entry with private access to the exterior deck. It's better than a conventional balcony and certainly better than any cramped loft room with a tiny window.

Discovery 8400
Photo: Alphaline Tiny Homes
Discovery's main bedroom is like a luxury cocoon by itself. It gets enough privacy thanks to the door that discretely separates it from the rest of the home. At the same time, it enjoys its own direct link to the outside world.

One of Discovery's most practical features is the foldable door near the main door. It comes with two matching stools, and it's remarkably versatile. Thanks to its proximity to the kitchen, it could work great as a tiny breakfast bar. Otherwise, it could be used as a work desk. Either way, it gets plenty of natural light, and it's placed in a way that doesn't interfere with any other activities inside the home. When not in use, the stools can be moved, and the table folded away, freeing up more space for other things.

There's no formal separation between the living area and the kitchen. The countertops and cabinets sit right next to the living room sofa. Some might find it inconvenient, but the advantage of this type of linear layout is that it frees up a lot of space. The interrupted line of the flooring, from one end of the house to the other, makes the entire house feel bigger, and the dwellers have more room to move around the house.

The bathroom is the only compact and small room inside this mobile home. It only comes with the basics, but the minimalist décor with golden hardware elevates the overall look. Still, the beautiful Discovery has another ace up its sleeve. The owners will get more than a simple bathroom; they'll get a fabulous outdoor bathtub right on the deck. This tiny home doesn't just bring the outdoors in, it does the opposite as well.

Discovery 8400
Photo: Alphaline Tiny Homes
Thanks to its ingenious design, the Discovery tiny seems to overflow. The lines between the inside and the outside are effectively blurred without sacrificing modern conveniences. At 8.4 meters (27.5 feet), it's one of the largest models designed by Alphaline.

It can accommodate up to four people, and its modern configuration is perfect for welcoming guests. Plus, this Australian brand is open to customizing each model to suit the customer's needs better – the Discovery 8400 has all it takes to become a dream home.
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