This Truck Camper Surprises With an Expansive Habitat and Everything Needed To Live Right

While exploring the world for unique and unforgettable campers, I've arrived at a country where off-grid and off-road living really is a way of life. That country is Australia, and the unique machine we'll explore today is the Carry Me Camper's Single Hard Lid habitat.
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Photo: Carry Me Camper / Edited by autoevolution
Single Cab Hard Lid CamperSingle Cab Hard Lid CamperSingle Cab Hard Lid CamperSingle Cab Hard Lid CamperSingle Cab Hard Lid CamperSingle Cab Hard Lid CamperSingle Cab Hard Lid CamperSingle Cab Hard Lid CamperSingle Cab Hard Lid CamperSingle Cab Hard Lid Camper InteriorSingle Cab Hard Lid CamperSingle Cab Hard Lid CamperSingle Cab Hard Lid CamperSingle Cab Hard Lid Camper
If this is the first time you've heard of this Carry Me Camper, not a problem; they're news to me too. However, they've been active in Australia's glamping and overlanding scene since 2014, when two teams, Jacksons and Candy Canvas, merged to become the parent for units the likes of what we'll explore today.

So, why the heck should you devote the next few minutes to this machine? Simply because it's that unique and amazing. As I mentioned, this camper is a bit different, and all that starts with the way it's integrated into your vehicle, all the while "retaining your vehicle's off-road performance." what more could you want? Oh, you want a place to store your gear? A place where you can cook, clean, relax, and enjoy a breath of fresh air? Yup, all that's possible with a Hard Lid.

Now, this thing is a "slide-on" camper, meaning that you'll need to undergo some modifications to your vehicle, but it'll all be worth it in the end. Heck, because an array of vehicles are used as the base for the Hard Lid, you can simply pour most of your cash into tuning the suspension, chassis, and engine of your beast, not a trailer too. Once you've made the necessary modifications, which would require a series of articles to unravel, you're ready to grab your habitat.

Single Cab Hard Lid Camper
Photo: Carry Me Camper
Overall, each half-shell is crafted using aluminum that's been welded wherever needed, resulting in a camper that weighs a solid 505 kg (1,113 lbs) without the heavy-duty jacks, which tack on an extra 48 kg (106 lbs). Sure, it may sound like quite the hunk of metal, but it's all for good reason. For example, that 1,113 lbs hide a galley, including a pantry with water and fridge/freezer access. Since the galley occupies the left side of the unit, the right side is reserved for everything else you'd typically need on such adventures: battery and solar systems, plumbing, and storage. Speaking of storage, one thing that makes the Single Hard Lid so special is the way it's compartmentalized. All the systems and spaces I mentioned are hidden underneath the bedding area, maximizing space and reducing any bedroom clutter you'd typically find in a camper.

Regarding the sleeping space I mentioned, it typically lies hidden until you really need it. So unveil the bedroom, the roof, and adjoined rear hatch, lift, exposing tent canvas, insect-proofed windows and entry, and above all, a mattress and a pair of pillows. First of all, you don't have to unload any gear or mess with any of the other spaces to access this feature. Just lift the hatch and climb in. No joke, Carry Me makes a very big deal in the fact that their units are up and ready to go in under one minute. Inside, an innerspring bedding, LED lights, and 12 V and USB ports are available, but so is access to your portable toilet. Have a good night.

Take all that, throw yourself in the middle of it all, and what do you have? One hell of an experience. Take a moment to imagine you and your loved ones loaded up into your dominating off-road machine and, on its back, the place you'll call home for the next few days or until you run out of resources. Go ahead; make a mark on your map and trust in the modifications you made to your ride.

Single Cab Hard Lid Camper
Photo: Carry Me Camper
Once you've trudged over asphalt, sandy dunes, and riverbeds and even climbed some rocks, you'll make it to that ridge overlooking the valley and mountains you just tamed. Take a deep breath, and unload your Hard Lid. In case you didn't know, once you've arrived at your destination, drop your mobile home off and enjoy the local surroundings without the added weight of this mobile bedroom.

Upon your return, batteries will have recharged, so put away the portable solar panel and arrange your campsite. Take out some lawn chairs or throw up a hammock, maybe even make a fire. Be ready with an extinguisher in case things get out of hand. Whip up a quick meal, and enjoy it with your feet hanging off the cliff's edge and your loved ones by your side. That sounds like one hell of a way to live your life.

But how much is all this going to cost? Well, like any other camper, it all depends on who your middleman is and what sort of features are in place. Typically, they start around the $40K mark. But that's in Australian Dollars, meaning around $26,000 American. Not bad, considering you'll be stepping into a new chapter in overlanding exploration.

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