This Triumph TR7 Sports a Big Block Cadillac Surprise Under its Hood, Mostly for Burnouts

Triumph TR7 Cadillac V8 Swap 6 photos
Photo: Facebook Marketplace Private Seller Hicksville NY
Cadillac V8 Swapped TR7Cadillac V8 Swapped TR7Cadillac V8 Swapped TR7Cadillac V8 Swapped TR7Cadillac V8 Swapped TR7
The best big surprises come in small packages. Now, if you'll take a moment to stop giggling, we're talking about a car this time. But no, seriously, take a look at this tiny Triumph TR7 British sports car stuffed to the gills with a 472-cubic inch (7.7-liter) Cadillac V8 engine! It's the wackiest custom car we've seen all week.
Coming to us via a private seller out of Hicksville on Long Island, New York, this TR7 is so removed from what it was when it left its home factory in England that it may as well be an entirely different car. In its day, the TR7 never sported a stock engine larger than 3.5 liters of displacement. Even then, that was a special limited edition package intended primarily for the U.S. market. Well, somehow, some way, someone managed to fit a Cadillac V8 that's comfortably twice as large.

Not only is this engine large enough to generate its own gravitational field, but it's also been rebuilt with performance heads, a racing camshaft, and an aftermarket Ford 8.8-inch rear axle to handle all that extra power and torque this little pocket rocket is jetting these days. With a 1000-watt stereo in tow along with that wicked two-tone black and orange paint, this isn't a Concours d'Elegance show car, and don't expect it to be.

Heck, even basic luxuries like the air conditioning, the radio, and that all-important trinket called the speedometer are non-operational on this little beauty. But these predispositions, to be critical, every single one of them, immediately gets thrown out the window when you see eight shiny exhaust pipes sticking directly out of the hood on this beast.

Couple that with the fender flares and the aftermarket black rims, and we're suddenly coming up with excuses in our heads as to why we need this machine in our lives. If for no other reason, just to shred tires. It's all yours for $12,000 flat.
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