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This Tiny Battery Will Charge Your Phone and Jumpstart a Car

Electric batteries are in a continuous development, with humanity’s need of having electricity on the go to power its portable technology. Their potential and interest started to increase along with their extensive use in the automotive world, but that’s not all...
Jumpr 1 photo
Remember those first mobile phones looking like a brick with a huge antenna sticking out at the top? Well, most of their body was the actual battery, which in those times was not too effective, since the need for a huge one.

But now, our smartphones can go around a day or so without recharging thanks to a battery that’s about 4 mm thick and half the phone’s length. And thanks to advanced materials, a new kind of battery the size of your actual phone might even kickstart your car, as shown here by Juno Power.

Battery expert firm Juno Power came up with this thing looking like a smartphone or portable hard drive if you wish, which is in fact a high-efficiency electric battery.

It’s called Jumpr, and as its name hints, its main purpose is to jumpstart your car in difficult times and spare you from taking down the car’s heavy battery to charge it up or use a bulky car jumper.

Unlike heavy standard lead-acid, Jumpr uses lithium polymers, tipping the scale at just 200 grams and providing up to 300 amps, 12 V and a storage capacity of 6Ah.

The company says it can turn any four- or six-cylinder engine of any capacity and it also has a couple of videos to show us it really works. The super-battery is said to go on sale starting next month for $69,99. Oh, and you can also use it to recharger your phone, tablet or laptop on the go.


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