This Three-Year-Old Tesla Blinker Display Change Is Still Being Requested Today

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What’s a minor software upgrade to a company like Tesla nowadays? This blinker situation could’ve been solved since it was first asked for. Now owners and fans alike are making the request popular again. We’re joining them in this endeavor.
If you have a Model 3 or a Model Y, then you know what these guys are asking for with this blinker display request. If you’re focused on driving and need to indicate to other road participants where you’re going, then you’ll do it instinctively. Sometimes you just forget it on. People might get confused about your lighting situation, and for sure, it will annoy you that you didn’t stop it in time.

Let’s be clear. It’s not a situation of life or death. It’s not that important, as well. But it would help a lot of Model Y and Model 3 owners, especially those that are having a hard time seeing properly or have just a poor field of view. The blinker display change people are once again asking for requests a small software change, one that can be included in the next over-the-air (OTA) update.

Instead of just having the small, round indicator in the corner of the central screen, the solution proposed since 2019 flashes a side of the display in green. If you're going for a right turn, you'll see the right side intermittently showing the color in a faded style towards the center of the screen. The same applies to the turn-left maneuver. It's an elegant solution and a practical one at the same time. It can help a lot of drivers remain safe on the road, and it will certainly improve how owners feel about their cars.

You may think this is not needed with the current blind spot camera activation while signaling a turn, but multiple drivers have reported they don't actually see what the cameras are showing on the central screen. Their hand gets in the way. Plus, if you're making a left turn, you'll have to look at your right side to catch a glimpse of what the cameras are registering. It's counter-intuitive in some cases.

The video down below made by Twitter user deleetdesign shows how this can easily become one of the favorite changes Tesla might bring with its next OTA update. Keep in mind this was first asked for on Twitter more than three years ago. So, Elon Musk, why not just do it for your customers?

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