This Tesla Hypercar Is Just the Kind of Design We’d Like to See on the Racetrack

Olympus Max 12 photos
Photo: Jeroen Claus
Olympus MaxOlympus MaxOlympus MaxOlympus MaxOlympus MaxOlympus MaxOlympus MaxOlympus MaxOlympus MaxOlympus MaxOlympus Max
If Tesla put some of their funding into making a hypercar, they wouldn't even need to come up with a body design. Jeroen Claus has already dreamed one up that would be fitting for the brand.
It’s called the Olympus Max and is a conceptual design by Claus just so he could learn how to use some new software. Can you imagine what he could come up with after he gets the hang of it?

Now, we don't have anything to go on except these renderings, as it isn’t an idea that was meant to go into production, but it most definitely is the sort of design that makes you dream nice things at night, so it definitely needs to be brought to light.

The car itself has nothing to do with Tesla except for the branding and sigil. But knowing this association usually sparks some interesting ideas, we’re going to run with it. Before we dive into the possible technologies the car may have, let’s have a quick look at the exterior.

Olympus Max
Photo: Jeroen Claus
In classic hypercar fashion this vehicle screams speed. That low front end with a short hood makes oneo believe this could be a mid-engine car. To further sustain that idea, the high and wide rear, indicative of mid-engine rides is present. A beautiful work on the ducting car is shown by the split design that is present behind the front wheels, and in front of the rear wheels.

It’s the type of body design that is made with aerodynamics in mind. The front drops down low and lifts air over the hood and carries it along the overhead windshield and along the sides to the rear, where that same air should stick the car to the ground. In case the air doesn’t work, we can see some Michelin brand tires thrown into the mix just for kicks.

To get inside the thing, the designer installed gullwing doors that reveal an interior more natural than expected. Inside, the designer seems to have applied the use of a number of existing materials. The chairs seem to be composed of stitched white leather, while door panels and some of the dashboard shows more leather. The center console incorporates the use of carbon fiber, making it safe to assume that the dashboard construction too is from carbon fiber.

Olympus Max
Photo: Jeroen Claus
In comparison to other Tesla concepts that go all out like this, this car does not seem to have any sort of autonomous function. However, there is a fin on top of the vehicle, where cameras and a number of other sensors could be located.

But, is it electric? We don’t know, but then again, who would put a Tesla sigil on a gas-guzzler? I can honestly say that I would, just to mess with you at a stoplight. If this design never ends up on the streets, then somebody should definitely throw this vision into a video game.
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