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This Tesla Model S Has a Robotic Arm in Its Trunk for Doing Good

When the Model 3 was first introduced and after the initial euphoria had passed, people started to notice the car had its flaws. And the biggest problem so far is the small trunk opening, even by compact sedan standards.
Paravan Robot 3000 in action 1 photo
Elon Musk said it is still big enough to fit a bicycle, but since nobody has access to the car yet, it hasn't been proven. However, even if by some miracle you could get a full-size non-foldable bike in there, the Model 3's trunk would still be way too small for this piece of equipment from German company Paravan.

The large tailgate and generous cargo space of the Model S appealed to the Germans (the fact that everybody's talking about Tesla these days might have played some role as well, though) who chose the electric sedan to showcase their product. Paravan is one of those family-owned companies you can't help but love, especially since it specializes in coming up with solutions to help restore mobility to people with disabilities.

Usually working with vans, trucks or buses, Paravan has also developed a very useful solution for personal cars. It is slightly frustrating to be able to modify cars so that they can be driven by people with special needs, but there is no way to help them once the ride is over and they need to get back into their wheelchairs. Having to depend on those around you is probably one of the worst parts of being disabled.

Paravan can't claim to solve all problems, but it can at least provide a very elegant solution for climbing in and out of the car. A long, robotic arm extends from the trunk, and either picks up the wheelchair to have it stowed in the back, or delivers it to the driver so they can easily get out of the car. Everything is done automatically while the driver waits in his seat.

The Robot 3000 can be installed in any car as long as there is enough room to operate. Once it's in place, it will be able to extend without the risk of hitting or scratching the car, but it will require sufficient clearing both behind and on the left side of the vehicle. The whole procedure takes quite a long time (about 40 seconds), but bear in mind these wheelchairs can weigh quite a lot, so the Robot 3000 has its work cut out for it. Paravan says it is compatible with wheelchairs up to 55 lbs (25 kg).


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