This Tesla-Branded Roadster Rendering Comes Straight from the Streets of Brazil

In the spirit of Tesla Month, we’re going to be throwing a design that you may have seen on our site before. Maybe, if you had quick eyes and visit us daily. If you didn’t, delect your eyes with this concept rendering.
Tesla Roadster Y Concept 9 photos
Tesla Roadster Y ConceptTesla Roadster Y ConceptTesla Roadster Y ConceptTesla Roadster Y ConceptTesla Roadster Y ConceptTesla Roadster Y ConceptTesla Roadster Y ConceptTesla Roadster Y Concept
What we are looking at is known as the Tesla Roadster Y concept from Brazil based designer Vinicius Buch. What it is, however, is simply a dream machine with Tesla branding. Maybe, just maybe, someone in the company gets a load of this and starts the first steps into production.

Then again, I personally, am a dreamer. I see the only limitations on cars like these ever being built as someone's pocket. It’s all about how much money you put into making at least a shell that looks like this. Come on people. It doesn’t take much to make some panels like this. Even if the motor and chassis are from some old Crown Vic.

But then again, if we missed all the Tesla electronics and knick knacks, where would all the fun be? But then again, being a concept design, we still won’t have any toys to play around with. This idea is all about style.

But seeing as how most designers really want to introduce their own touch to whatever they make, this idea ends up looking like nothing Tesla has actually pushed out. The only resemblance, if we were to look for one, would be the low dropped hood similar to the original Roadster. And maybe, just maybe, the raised wheel wells.

Tesla Roadster Y Concept
Other than that, it’s someone's work of art. The body design resembles that of a Mercedes SLR Stirling Moss. Don’t believe us, just compare the two. From the front wheel wells to the rear, the car follows one level line. This same line is also where the entire roof just disappears and exposes the driver and passenger to the elements.

The seats include the classic rollover protection scoops that blend into the body design, similar to most other roadsters. Those scoops lead the rest of the frame to the rear of the Tesla. A raised and wide backside offers the car even more reinforcement to its already mean front. Long and thin LED stoplight and turn signals keep true to the long and sleek body. But here at the rear we can also find the charging port for this would-be machine.

One of the neat little tricks the car pulls off is keyless everything. To open the door, all you would have to do is slide you finger near the rear of the door and get inside. Once inside the cockpit, a touchscreen offers you all the controls to turn anything on or off. This same touchscreen also acts as the instrument panel, and even includes a keyboard in case you need to search for an address. Ignition also seems to be keyless.

Tesla Roadster Y Concept
This sleek and minimalist dash seems to fit perfectly on something real too. I’d love to see some of the larger automakers with a simple dash like this. A racing style steering wheel seems to work perfectly with the rest of the dashboard.

If we take a look at the hood of the car, we can see a discrepancy between the right and left design. Being an EV, this vehicle has no engine where classic engines usually are. So here at the hood, we actually find a storage compartment. Just pull the lever in the center of the hood and place your suitcase inside.

I wonder if someone will ever take a shot at making another vehicle with a similar body type. It feels like the world needs a car like this.


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