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This Technology Turns Regular Excavators Into Autonomous Robots

Building the robots that build the world” is more than a catchy slogan. It’s an innovative concept that could really transform not just constructions but other related fields as well. Technology has advanced so much that there’s no need to spend money and time on developing robotic construction machines from scratch. This unique system turns excavators into robots instantly.
Instead of making new robots, this company can transform existing excavators into robots 9 photos
Exosystem for ExcavatorsExosystem for ExcavatorsExosystem for ExcavatorsExosystem for ExcavatorsExosystem for ExcavatorsExosystem for ExcavatorsExosystem for ExcavatorsExosystem for Excavators
Built Robotics claims to have invented the world’s first autonomy solution dedicated to excavators, called the Exosystem. It’s a complex system comprised of a powerful liquid-cooled computer, a proximity radar, GPS, several cameras, and an all-weather enclosure. But it’s simple to use- all you need to do is install it on an excavator, and it will transform the machine into a robot that can do a great job completely autonomously.

A dashboard acts as the human-machine interface. After the installation process, the Exosystem is turned on by simply introducing an encrypted USB key and flipping a switch. Using the dashboard, the operator can monitor all the essential functions. Six onboard cameras ensure 360-degree visibility, and the manufacturer claims that obstacles can be spotted in less than a second, in which case the system automatically halts operation until it’s cleared to get back on the job.

This technology is also flexible enough to be compatible with all the excavators from mainstream manufacturers in the mid-size category. Installation is supposed to be done in just a few hours, and it’s fully reversible. An additional feature is a backup security system using solar panels and batteries, which can continue to provide GPS tracking and 24/7 security coverage even when the excavator itself is turned off.

Customers can either rent the Exosystem and install it themselves or lease pre-upgraded excavators from Built Robotics.

The company has recently closed a successful funding series, resulting in total funding of more than $100 million. This is good news for ramping production since its fleet of pre-upgraded excavators is apparently already booked until 2023. And it won’t stop at trenching. Built Robotics is planning to extend its solution to more types of machines and operations.

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