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This Technology Makes Luxury Yachts Running on Conventional Fuel Eco-Friendlier

There are many routes that can lead to sustainable maritime transportation. When it comes to the luxury pleasure crafts of the ultra-rich, some believe that innovative hybrid propulsion systems are the only answer for making them less harmful to the environment. But there are also alternative solutions, such as the SeaClean technology, which can improve the efficiency of yachts with diesel engines.
Rena is one of the luxury yachts that uses the SeaClean technology 7 photos
Rena Luxury YachtSeaClean TechnologySeaClean TechnologySeaClean TechnologySeaClean TechnologySeaClean Technology
Inhabitat reports that Lizard Yacht Service, a company operating in Falmouth, UK, and Palma, Mallorca, has become the exclusive European distributor for the SeaClean technology. That’s good news because it means that more luxury yacht operators in Europe will have access to this innovative system that is beneficial not just for the environment but also for the vessels themselves.

Maritime diesel engines generate soot that stains the hull of ships while also spreading into the atmosphere, contributing to the overall pollution. The SeaClean system eliminates soot, discharge, and oily residues, while also maintaining constant exhaust gas temperatures, thanks to a variable pre-heater technology that claims to be unique on the market. Plus, this soot filtration system for maritime diesel generators boasts a modular design so that it’s compatible with a wide variety of yachts and boats.

As a company that provides parts and services for luxury yachts, Lizard Yacht had to include a solution that is effective both for the owners and for the environment when it comes to handling soot. By using this technology, maintenance costs are also reduced, and the vessel’s life is extended, as it minimizes abrasive hull cleaning. According to the company, this filter system can capture up to 98% of the particulates in the exhaust flow, preventing them from being discharged into the atmosphere.

Crew members on board luxury yachts such as Panthalassa or Rena have stated that the SeaClean technology effectively keeps the vessels’ hulls clean around the exhaust area while also preventing smoke and soot from being released in the water and in the air.

A future where all luxury vessels can operate with zero emissions may still seem distant, but there are small steps that can be taken right now, to reduce as much as possible the negative environmental footprint.


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