This Teardrop Camper Is One of 2024's Hottest Ones: Has a Kitchen and Bathroom Inside

Mini Max FX Eco-2 13 photos
Photo: Go Little Guy / Extreme Outdoors
Mini Max FX Eco-2Mini Max FX Eco-2Mini Max FX Eco-2Mini Max FX Eco-2Mini Max FX Eco-2Mini Max FX Eco-2Mini Max FX Eco-2Mini Max FX Eco-2Mini Max FX Eco-2Mini Max FX Eco-2Mini Max FX Eco-2Mini Max FX Eco-2
The world of travel trailers is a grand place full of designs, shapes, sizes, and prices. Well, the teardrop style has always been revered as the best for quick getaways, and Go Little Guy is here to show us how to do things right. With that in mind, feast your eyes upon the Mini Max FX Eco-2 and extend those antennas; this one needs to be on your radar.
Ladies and gents, and lovers of the greater outdoors, lend me your eyes and that little voice in your head in order to give you an idea of what Go Little Guy's Mini Max FX Eco-2 has to offer, and all that starts off with just how much you need to have in your bank account to pick up one of these buggers: around $23K (€21K at current exchange rates), depending on the features in place, options, and how deep your dealer's pockets may be.

But I may be getting a bit ahead of myself, so allow me to backtrack a bit. As you may have picked up, the Eco-2 is built by none other than Go Little Guy (GLG), AKA Extreme Outdoors, a team whose work we've covered on multiple occasions; you'll understand why shortly. Oh, I also need to point out that this manufacturer entered a market that would be considered saturated, and the fact that they're still alive and cranking out design after design is a testament to their work and attention to their customers, one of which could be you.

Mini Max FX Eco\-2
Photo: Go Little Guy / Extreme Outdoors
Coming back to the FX Eco-2, GLG tells us that this is the "more economical cousin to the Little Guy Mini Max," the one that's been praised over and over. As a result, we're looking at a 2,305 lb (1,045 kg) rolling home suitable for smaller SUVs but that doesn't skimp out on quality or features in any way.

Now, the FX Eco-2 is considered a teardrop, but only by shape. One major difference is that GLG places the galley inside the unit and not outside. I also need to mention that while it comes in with a rather low weight, we also find a bathroom inside this puppy. But that means it has everything we need. Damn right! I told you this thing's something else.

Since we're already inside the unit, let's continue our journey here, starting with the rear of the Eco-2, that U-shaped dinette that transforms into a queen bed. It's here that you'll squeeze in a spot of work, entertain any guests you may have, enjoy your meals - I recommend an outdoor dining set - and also get some shuteye. Two large lateral windows are also in place to allow for natural light inside, but LEDs are also there to assist.

Mini Max FX Eco\-2
Photo: Go Little Guy / Extreme Outdoors
Up above the bedding area, we can spot storage shelves crafted from hardwood maple, which also makes up the kitchen cabinetry. Speaking of the kitchen, GLG throws in a galley block that's been custom-built for this unit and integrated into all that wood; we find a two-burner top, a fridge/freezer, a microwave, and a sink with a faucet. The hot water heater is also accessible from here.

What more could we need? Ah, yes, a bathroom; it's sitting next to the galley, and as you enter your unit, you can easily choose and access whatever space you need. Be sure to explore the images to see precisely what GLG has achieved here.

As for the exterior of the Eco-2 and how it's built, everything starts off with a steel tube chassis with a rubber torsion axle, so you'll need to keep your wheels on roads, be they tarmac, dirt, or gravel. From here, an aluminum frame supports Azdel walls and roof, the latter of which also includes a layer of block foam insulation and is covered with a one-piece fiberglass skin for protection and durability. Dual-pane windows complete this home on wheels. And that's your Eco-2. Just kidding; there's so much more that GLG adds to this baby.

Mini Max FX Eco\-2
Photo: Go Little Guy / Extreme Outdoors
For starters, you'll be able to take trips off-grid due to the presence of 25 gallons (95 l) of fresh water and optional solar panels that can be wrapped onto the body, not to mention an upgraded electrical system powered by Victron. A 16,000 BTU furnace and 13,500 BTUs for AC are sure to keep the interior just right. The Eco-2 can also be equipped with things like bike racks, awnings, and countless other pieces of extras GLG has in store, so be sure to weigh your options. Once you're done creating your dream mobile, you'll be able to hit the countryside on a whim's notice.

All that's left to do now is get together with your significant other, balance your checkbooks, find a local dealer with one of these puppies, go out there and check it out, and leave the lot with a new camper. Just be sure to answer some questions from curious bystanders once you roll into some trailer park.
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