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This Son and Father Story Is Probably the Most Emotional Non-Commercial of All Time
By all accounts, the following story is real, to the extent of my knowledge. Eight years ago in 2014, a famous YouTube channel published a video called “Can Video Games Be A Spiritual Experience?” While the presenter was eloquently bringing up his arguments, one particular user known as “00WARTHERAPY00” wrote something so emotional in the comment section, that it instantly became legendary. 

This Son and Father Story Is Probably the Most Emotional Non-Commercial of All Time

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The comment left by the user was describing how, when he was four years old, his dad bought him the original Xbox. The one that was released by Microsoft on November 15, 2001, in North America.

Gaming fans will remember that, during its first unveiling in 2000, Bill Gates came on stage to introduce their new console, while The Rock was also there to promote it. The launch that followed was huge, to say the least.

The four-year-old boy and his dad used to play everything under the sun on that thing, having “tons and tons of fun” together. Especially in a rally racing game from 2002 called RalliSport Challenge.

The game itself was very good, gathering accolades like “the second-best video game of March 2002,” or “2002 Best Racing Game” from reputable media outlets in the video game industry. It even won GameSpot's “Best Driving Game on Xbox” award, and came in second for “Best Driving Game on PC.”

The young boy never managed to beat his dad on the track, given that he was only four at the time. However, that didn’t stop him from trying as hard as he could.

But sometime later, before he ever could finish a race first, his father, sadly, passed away when the boy was just six years old. After that, he wasn’t able to touch the Xbox for another 10 years.

That is, until after he turned 16. And when he finally managed to boot up the dusty old console, something truly special caught his eye.

The racing game they used to play together, RalliSport Challenge, had his dad's “ghost" inside the game. Let me explain.

In racing video games, there are multiple ways to play. Some of them have what is called a “ghost.” After you finish a race and try it again for any reason, your best performance shows up on the screen in the form of your transparent car. In other words, you basically race against your best time.  

So when he put on the racing game in honor of the time he and his father used to spend playing together, he literally saw his dad’s car’s ghost racing on the track, from 10 years before.

Never being able to beat him in the past when he was four, he tried too then, at 16. So, he played, and played” until he was “almost able to beat the ghost,” as he wrote in the comment.

Then, one day, he managed to get in front of his dad, and finally surpassed him. But before he could actually finish the race, he hit the brakes as hard as he could, and let his dad win.

You see, the ghost feature in racing games only keeps your best time and deletes your old one. By letting his dad win, he made sure to always keep a part of him alive.

“Bliss,” he called it.

Two years after the son’s comment on YouTube, another channel made a biopic commercial-style video that is 100% faithfull to the user's words. Even to this day, this story is known by millions of people. 

Personally, I have never seen a more touching short story told in this manner until and since that video.

It’s called Player Two, and it is bliss indeed. Even 00WARTHERAPY00 showed up and thanked the filmmakers in the comment section.

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