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This Smart Pop-Up Station That Retracts Into the Ground Makes EV Charging Elegant

Younger generations aren’t even familiar with the big, heavy mobile phones that people used to carry around, before technology advancements made it possible to turn them into the light, sleek products we know today. Perhaps it won’t be long until the same thing happens to EV charging stations – what is now standard will be considered ridiculously massive and unattractive, and new designs will be perfectly integrated into home or businesses environments.
E-Lift developed an innovative smart pop-up station that can retract into the ground 7 photos
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E-Lift, a smart hardware startup in Holland, makes a good point: when you own a beautiful house and the EV of your dreams, the last thing you’d want is to have a big, ugly charging station standing out like a sore thumb. The expansion of electric mobility depends on easy and quick access to charging solutions, but this shouldn’t mean that we have to compromise on design.

This is where the E-Lift GS comes in. It claims to be the world’s first retractable, customizable pop-up station. With a discrete, sleek design that can even be personalized with a business logo or slogan, this pop-up station would look great on any property, while not interfering with the surroundings at all – with the simple push of a button, it would “hide” into the ground. Now you see it (and use it to charge your EV), now you don’t.

The E-Lift GS is also smart, thanks to the sensors that link it to an innovative remote management system, the Sustainable and Smart Energy Management System (SENSE). This way, the owner can remotely monitor and control the energy consumption data, for increased efficiency. Plus, it increases safety levels, because the pop-station can immediately detect possible malfunctions, in which case it automatically shuts down and retracts.

The E-Lift GS also enables simultaneous charging, with up to four sockets and a charging capacity of up to 22 kW, and it can be used with whatever charging service provider and backend system the customer chooses.

If a stylish EV charging solution is your thing, you’re in luck. E-Lift is bringing its innovative pop-up station to the U.S. The solution will be unveiled at CES 2022, in Las Vegas, starting tomorrow, until January 8.

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