This Rustic Tiny House Hides an Impressive Three-Bedroom Interior

Mobi Individual Maple comes with an unusual three-bedroom layout 21 photos
Photo: Mobi House
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Designing and building a tiny house on wheels is as fun as it is challenging. Space limitations challenge builders to come up with fresh ideas and solutions every time, but it's always worth it in the end. The Maple tiny house is a fine example of ingenious design and making the most of every available inch of space.
Like most dwellings built by the popular and acclaimed Mobi House, Maple flaunts a unique combination of rustic charm and premium amenities. On the outside, it looks like a chic countryside home with an earthy color palette and lots of windows. You'll notice the asymmetric windows at both ends, which are much larger compared to the main-floor ones; they also elevate the overall style with their unexpected, modern shape.

A simple French door will lead you inside the house, and you’ll be surprised to see how bright and luminous it is. That's because there's a large vertical window facing the main door – it allows the sun to shine through and almost creates the illusion of an indoor/outdoor space. This is where you'd typically be welcomed by the home's living room. But Maple has an unusual configuration.

The main floor is dominated by a massive split staircase leading to two loft bedrooms. This isn't your regular staircase with added storage but rather a massive storage system doubling as a staircase. The various-sized cabinets are extremely spacious and cover a great deal of the home's overall length. They're more than enough to ensure proper storage for kitchen items and other household and personal items. And, as we all know, storage is one of the crucial aspects when it comes to comfortable, year-round living in a home on wheels.

Mobi Individual Maple
Photo: Mobi House
Maple doesn't have a designated living area with the classic sofa and coffee table, mainly because this particular type of staircase takes up quite a bit of space. Still, it doesn't mean that future owners must sacrifice the comfort of a cozy lounge. One solution would be to improvise a tiny lounge nook with a couple of chairs by the main entry. It would get plenty of sunshine and beautiful views thanks to the glass door, and it could connect to both the main-floor bedroom and the kitchen for convenience.

Some folks might prefer to turn the loft area right above the main bedroom into a sophisticated, elevated lounge. Many tiny houses come with this type of elevated lounge that's also referred to as a reversed loft. It's a great alternative to the standard main-floor lounges at the center of the house. In this case, you can see that the loft boasts generous space, and the oversized windows make it extra luminous and open.

The open-work, full-length protection wall is another clever feature that keeps this room open. It doesn't obstruct the view, which creates the illusion of a wider space. This versatile loft can be configured in many ways. It would make a perfect main bedroom with a king-sized mattress and walk-around space. It could easily substitute for the classic living room with the added perk of nicer views, and it could also be a practical playroom for kids.

Mobi Individual Maple
Photo: Mobi House
Underneath, Maple hides its main bedroom, an unusual amenity for a house this size (Maple sits on a 7.8-meter (25.5 feet) trailer. A rustic barn door matching Maple's exterior discretely separates this restful cocoon from the rest of the house for extra privacy and comfort. Privacy can be an issue with tiny spaces, which is why main-floor bedrooms are one of the most popular choices whenever the final size allows them.

Don't expect a lavish sanctuary – this bedroom is compact and minimalistic. A comfy bed practically takes up most of the room. Again, this is where the extra storage outside the room becomes very helpful. A large window is a must for a room like this because it opens up the space to the outdoors, fills it with light, and brings in fresh air. Although compact, it boasts the two most important benefits of any main-floor bedroom – privacy and easy access, and that's all that matters.

Maple comes with a premium kitchen, too. It's also not big size-wise, but generous in terms of storage and appliances. It's almost hard to believe that this tiny part of the house can incorporate an induction cooktop, an oven, a fridge (both electric), a dishwasher, and a range hood – yet it does.

Mobi Individual Maple
Photo: Mobi House
As an extra perk, it can even double as an adorable dining nook. A couple of basic folding chairs are cleverly stored right above the overhead cabinets, tucked between the ceiling beams. It's quite unusual, but it works – the chairs won't be in the way when not in use, and they are easy to access when it's dinner time.

The loft above mirrors the one at the opposite end of the house, with the same type of open-work protection wall and large window. Here, too, versatility is key. The tiny Maple can ultimately become a surprising three-bedroom family home but can also be configured as a single-bedroom house with an elevated lounge and a home office, for instance.

There are many possibilities, and future owners can adapt this ingenious configuration to suit their needs best. In the end, what makes the Maple tiny house special is that it keeps things simple and clean while also proving to be highly comfortable and functional, even for a family.
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