This Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe is Fit for a Maharaja

If you want to roll in the most opulent and luxurious way possible, there is only one way you can do that - buy a Rolls-Royce and get chauffered by a bloke wearing a funny-looking hat. A Roller is the automotive equivalent to a raised middle finger wearing a ring fitted with a gazillion karat diamond.
Rolls-Royce Maharaja Phantom Drophead Coupe 6 photos
Rolls-Royce Maharaja Phantom Drophead CoupeRolls-Royce Maharaja Phantom Drophead CoupeRolls-Royce Maharaja Phantom Drophead CoupeRolls-Royce Maharaja Phantom Drophead CoupeRolls-Royce Maharaja Phantom Drophead Coupe
It’s a way of telling the world things are going good for you and you’re a pretty successful man or woman. To boot, it’s natural to assume those who travel by Rolls-Royce waftyness are also stinkin’ rich. But d’you know which Roller in the model lineup shouts all of the aforementioned the loudest?

Why that would be the 5.6-meter luxury cruiser Rolls-Royce calls the Phantom Drophead Coupe. The least expensive you can get in Europe will set you back something like €533,500, which is the kind of money a big house goes for in this day and age.
It’s no wonder why it costs so much though
The imposing styling and Spirit of Ecstasy ornament, the 460 horsepower 6.75-liter V12 mill, the materials, fit & finish, there’s a lot of expensive bits and bobs that make up the magnificient luxobarge.

Even Maharajas like them according to the British company. "Over a period of five decades, the Maharajas purchased over 840 unique Rolls-Royce motor cars,” so go figure what this bespoke drop-top is boasting with. Rolls-Royce tells us that this eye-catching vehicle was inspired by the Golden Age of the Raja.

Conceptualised and crafted with a lot of elbow grease by specialists at the home of Rolls-Royce in Goodwood, Great Britain, this unique Maharajah Phantom Drophead Coupe is apparently an automotive work of art that honours India’s affinity with the luxurious automobile marque.

Subtle but expensive touches have been added to bring the Golden Age of the Raja alive in this model, with the gallery below being statement of the brand’s unrivaled levels of craft and attention to detail.


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