This Rider’s Challenge Is Something All Motorcyclists Should Do

Everybody tells you about how cool it is to ride a motorcycle, about the freedom it gives you and the immense fun you get while being on two wheels. But no one tells you how angry you can get while doing it in today’s traffic.
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Photo: screenshot from YouTube
Hopping on a motorcycle really changes your perspective on traveling. You suddenly fell the air, you smell things around, you don’t have your view obstructed, and sometimes you get closer to the asphalt than in any supercar.

But along with all these thrilling sensations comes a very delicate one - fear. Unlike in a car, being on a motorcycle exposes you to a lot of other risks, such as falling due to road debris or getting crushed between cars.

That’s the reason why some riders become very edgy when riding in traffic. Now that you’re in a new environment where you can’t lay your guard down, you will start to spot idiot drivers coming in from every direction.

You will start yelling, cursing, and even displaying offensive hand gestures towards those damn drivers who nearly crashed into you due to their selfishness and smartphone addiction.

Your frustration is totally understandable, but riding mad is one of the biggest sins you can do on a motorcycle. The anger will make you twist the throttle harder and be aggressive in your maneuvers, a thing that will lead to a crash sooner or later.

That’s why you should try to make a challenge out of staying positive each day when you have to deal with city traffic. Just like this YouTube moto vlogger does here in the video below.

Anger doesn’t do you any good and will spoil your ride. If you really fell like picking on an idiot who almost slammed into you, simply pull over to his/her window at a stoplight and tell them to be more careful.

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