This Rider Takes Moto Stunts to the Insane Level

Benjamin "Ben10" Baldini doing a handstand wheelie 1 photo
Photo: Facebook capture
When Chris Pfeiffer announced his retirement from professional stunt riding, we thought that the shoes he was leaving were simply too big for someone to step in and fill them. While Chris' stunt heritage is, of course, immense, we are ever so glad to see that there are a lot of bold guys who are determined to make a big name for themselves.
One of these chaps is Benjamin "Ben10" Baldini, a member of the Switch Riders stunt team. The reason we are talking about him is the video below, a short clip we found on Facebook, and which left us gasping for air.

While wheelies, stoppies and rolling burnouts are already part of any decent motorcycle stunt show, combining them with other tricks is definitely the next thing.

Still, Ben10 looks like he is taking the "next level" even deeper into the crazy territory, as he thought of adding a handstand to his stunt routine. We've seen riders doing handstands on the tanks of their bikes, and it looked cool. After all, riding upside down on a bike and maintaining the balance is not exactly one of the usual things most riders do on a daily basis.

Handstand wheelies sound crazy and look awesome

Baldini thought to make everything look even more spectacular, combining a handstand with a wheelie, and the result is breathtaking. We played this video time and again, watching closely how skillfully Ben10 manages the bike's momentum to help himself bounce off the tail, but this is only the beginning of the cool things about this trick.

A wheeling bike that is landing has a natural lever-like movement, but controlling this movement and being able to counteract it looks more like magic. The slow motion shows how skillfully Baldini stops the landing even though he is in mid-air.

Seeing him with both feet back on the bike and wheeling away is only the Stuntish translation for the Latin "Finis coronat opus" (the end crowns the work) saying.

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