This Rider Can't Even Corner Right, Crashes Into a Focus

Rider hits car due to impropper cornering 1 photo
Photo: screenshot from YouTube
I think the second thing they teach you in riding school is how you should take a corner on a motorcycle. Well, apparently, this guy skipped that lesson and even had the nerve to ride two-up with his girlfriend. And, of course, they crash stupidly...
The incident happened recently in Russia and got captured by one of the many many dashboard cameras drivers use there to escape inssurance frauds.

Looking at the footage, there's no wonder why the rider managed to hit a car to his right in mid corner and crash - he is unskilled and hasn't even heard of an apex. Reason why beginner riders should never attempt getting on a bike with a passenger until they gain propper "bike-reflexes."

What I mean by "bike-reflexes" is a skillset used to safely ride a motorcycle and this includes knowing how to enter and exit a corner. It might not seem a big deal when driving a car, but switch to a motorcycle and you'll see how much it matters.

For all you new riders, cornering on a bike should be done using the out-in-out rule. This means that when approaching a bend, you position your bike on the outside of it (i.e. if the street goes left, you sit on the right side of your lane), then head toward the apex (the point inside the corner where the radius is the smallest) and then get out wide on the outside.

Oh, and having a passenger will also make it harder to turn since the extra weight and changed center of mass. Just another reason to hone your skills before riding two-up.

With that in mind, go watch the video below and see where the rider is located at the beginning of the turn. Observe how he starts on the inner of the turn, misses the apex and heads out early, running wide and ultimately hitting that Ford Focus to his right.

Luckily he wasn't speeding, because neither him nor his passenger were wearing other protection than helmets.

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